StarCraft® II

Zanon's PRP Bar (Part 23)

New portrait!!!
Took ya long enough.

Zanon, if you read this, Dark and Light cannot truly proceed without you.
Neither can Bloody Haze? |D
OK. Everyone. When Zanon, or Zarkun, take your pick, whenever he comes back, we are re-enacting the beginning of the Lion King. I call being the Monkey.

I also call dropping said male off of the cliff.
Dibs on Scar (he wasn't there so I don't have to do anything) :D
Edited by DarkZelot on 5/14/2013 9:13 PM PDT
I call one of the Hyena's xD
You all make me sad. That's a "classic."
I call the Poacher :P
Knarled, the Darkness is the gaiaphage. 3:<

And I am disappointed in all of you! Trying to reenact in something like that... I call dibs on the body as I roast it over an open flame. And I'll name the body, Panda.

I get it. XD
It's a 'Classic' that I never saw until 8th Grade. |D
Took ya long enough.

Zanon, if you read this, Dark and Light cannot truly proceed without you.

Noted. I will try to get something out for you, but I seem to be suffering a lesser form of writers block. We shall see.
New Bar thread has been made.
I get it. XD
Then what is it?
Well, lets give everyone a chance to guess first, wait is it a song? Because if it isn't then I was wrong
Edited by DarkZelot on 5/15/2013 1:33 PM PDT
" guys have fun with your Lion King re-enactment. I'll stay behind the bar and serve drinks..." I say, and phase back in. I begin to scrounge around for something...
I leave the staff floating there and poking zarkun regularly as I proceed to the bar. "I'll take the usual little bit of everything through the accelerator for a week with a hydra spine umbrella please."
I mix up Morph's drink, and set it in the Accelerator. A copy of me sticks a hand through a portal, Morph's drink in hand. I put a Hydra Spine Umbrella in the drink and slide it to him. I duck back down and continue to rummage around.
Edited by Jester on 5/15/2013 6:31 PM PDT
I sip my drink and stare at it.
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