A Noob's Guide to "All In" (Spoilers)

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I'm pretty sure anyone who hasn't played a previous Starcraft game before playing WoL has had a decent amount of trouble on the mission: "All In" which is the last in the game. For those of you skilled, talented, and professionally adept in the game, this guide really isn't for you. I personally had so much trouble and screwed myself over so much that I actually had to end up restarting the campaign just so that I could put myself in a more favorable position. This second playthrough allowed me to pick up a few tricks which weren't all that apparent the first time I played through.

A) Bunkers, Missle Turrets, Perdition Turrets, Psi Disruptors and other structures don't count towards your unit count.

This is something that some people would look at and say "yeah that looks pretty obvious" but don't take advantage of the fact that you can literally fill the surroundings of your base with them. They're also insanely sturdy and just having 2 SCVs near it can seriously hinder an enemy's assault (judging from playing on Normal difficulty). Utilizing Perdition Turrets over Firebats is not only cheaper, but allows you to have more open slots to make more useful units.

B) A good 50% of the Mercenaries straight up aren't worth the credits or the resource/unit cost to buy.

I realized quickly in my first playthrough that Mercenaries were just a giant money/resource sink, and the lure was just too great in a bind to waste all of your resources just to have a slightly above par army for twice the resource/unit cost. The money spent on most Mercenaries really is better spent upgrading your units/structures. In my opinion, only the War Pigs, Spartan Company, and Siege Breakers are really worth it, and that's because both WP and SC can provide excellent support if you've been comprimised and the Siege Breakers get a devastating 66% boost on top of the unit upgrade boost.

C) You can group your units by selecting the group you want and right clicking one of the empty green boxes with a number near it on top of the toolbar.

This is a mistake I made throughout the first playthrough and halfway through the second that made me pretty proficient at commanding with my mouse, but made the utilization of things such as the Hive Mind Emulator and the Specialists impossible to use until I learned of it. Though the following guide will practically require you to have mastered this trait, it actually does not utilize it during the "All In" mission.

D) Don't shirk upgrading, and always upgrade the trait that you researched for the bonus effect first.

Upgrading was something I didn't really do before until I hit unit capacity. Which is not only unwise, but is a titanic waste of time and resources. Keep in mind that the biggest cost of these upgrades is normally time, and the benefit it grants will exponentially increase the battle power of your forces.

Now for the mission, "All In" the game has you make decisions which decide the difficulty of the battle. This is done through which section of the zerg force you try to decimate. If you choose to destroy the air forces, then the only real threat will be creepers in the air and you will instead have to find a way to deal with Nydus Worms both behind yours and enemy lines in order to lift the burden on your ground forces. If you choose to take out the Nydus Worms, then there will be a pitiful amount of enemies in the ground, but a significant amount more in the air, including several waves of aerial forces that bee-line it to the artifact.

I personally find that eliminating the Nydus Worms is the most crippling thing you can do to the Zerg simply because:

A) The game supplies you with Goliaths and Thors which have excellent anti-air abilities without sacrificing dominance over ground forces.
B) Unlike Nydus worms, the aerial platform can only drop a small number of zerg behind your lines
C) You can build an infinite number of Missle Turrets anywhere around or in your base. period.
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The strategy consists of complete aerial fortification (which includes putting Missle turrets on all sides of your base area, not just in front of the crystal which will see the most enemies) and a giant build-up of ground forces capable of taking on Kerrigan when she spawns. This usually entails 4 thors, 2 on each side, a buttload of Goliaths, 6 Science vessels 2 in each hot zone, and a few occupied Bunkers with some Perdition Turrets at the entrances to your base. The upgrades & research that are absolutely essential for this are:

1) Missle Turret - Hellstorm Batteries
2) SCV - Dual Fusion Welders
3) Bunker - Projectile Accelerator
4) Goliath - Multi-lock Weapons System
5) Goliath - Ares class Targeting System
6) Thor - Immortality Protocol

1) Science Vessel
2) Regenerative Bio-Steel
3) Perdition Turret

During the first few moments, you want to start your techlab/techreactor and building the Missle turrets right away, adding at least 2 in front of the crystal and 3 on the left and right side that are spread out in order to catch the enemy. Then put down your Perdition Turrets and begin producing more SCVs/Goliaths to supplement your forces. You will want to keep your Battlecruisers next to your crystal, and you will need a response team consisting of either 2 Goliaths and a Science Vessel or 3-4 marines and a medic. This is so that you can fix problems quickly when they arise without resorting to nuking the field. There will really only be two times where the mission throws you curve balls which you will have to respond quickly and surgically to.

The first is when Brood Lords start showing up, since they will drop in miniature ground based enemies from outside the range of your Missle Turrets that could potentially create a very large gap in your defense. The second is the giant Zerg spaceship, which is the core reason why for this strategy that you're rocking mainly ground forces. This thing decimates anything airborne and has enough health to wipe out a good chunk of your forces if you're not careful. This guy has a timer though, which is that you NEED to defeat him in time that you can replenish your forces before Kerrigan shows up. Either than that, it's pretty smooth sailing, and putting up PSI disruptors can make it practically impossible, except for the instances above, for the zerg to breach your defenses.

Once again, this is a guide for the uninitiated, those who are playing for the first time and are at a complete loss of words with the difficulty spike of this mission. For those who really just want to see the ending of the game so that they can finally start HotS, and for those who, like me, had to start over from the very beginning just to finish the game.
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About your choice:
A) Game supplies you with siege tanks, most OP defence vs ground in campaign.
B) Valid, but what about those pesky brood lords that will fly behind your lines? That does not happen with nydus worms until 95% of artifact charge.
C) And what? zergs are rallied to artifact, so covering area under artifact will destroy all the zerg except those annoying winfestors before those will do harm to artifact or your tank line.
D) YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH LEVIATHAN. That alone makes mission 1000500 times easier.
E) Actually leviathan sucks vs vikings, it only does 12 x6 per 2.2 seconds to 'em, so with ~20 vikings you can destroy it without losing more than couple of vikings main danger is that 6 seconds freeze.
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Great idea to make a noob's guide to playing All In. It would certainly help people who have no prior experience Starcraft, or at least give them confidence going into the last mission.

Broodlords only come behind your mineral line if you're playing it on Brutal. On Casual to Hard difficulties, they only come out in front.

I've never had a playthrough where I've had Thors supplied to my army. I'm not sure what difficulty this is on. o.o

If you're doing All In vs. Air, I would recommend you go for Hive Mind Emulator and line your defenses with them turrets. Hotkey them all into a single group by pressing Ctrl + group number of your choosing. Whenever you construct new turrets, you can add them to the group by pressing Shift + group number.

Then whenever Mutalisks and Broodlords attack, you can recall the entire group by pressing the group number, and then right-clicking the enemy units to mind control them. The computer automatically chooses the turret if one with enough energy is in range, so you don't have to control the towers one-by-one. Make sure you grab as many Broodlords as you can since they're really really useful against Kerrigan!

If you're going All in vs. Worms, Siege Tanks and Psi Disruptor would be a great combination of slowing down the enemy for your tanks to cream them. Adding Planetary Fortresses between your Siege Tanks will also help absorb some of the damage from enemy units.

Also, REMEMBER TO MACRO. Keep making SCVs until you reach high 30s or low 40s. Also keep dropping MULEs to keep the money flowing. Also remember to build production facilities to pump out units faster in case you start losing them.

For mercenaries, Dusk Wings are really great on All In vs. Worms if you remember to cloak. Just add a few normal Banshees if you want to take out a Worm in one volley. Siege Breakers are a must-get, no matter which All In you do.

For Armory Upgrades, it'd be really nice if you have Fire Suppression System since your buildings would auto-repair to a certain extent and make them harder to kill. Dual Fusion Welders is also great for this purpose. You should get them both. Speaking of both, get both Siege Tank upgrades!

For research, get the Auto Refineries and Tech Reactors. If you're good at supply-watching, you should get Micro Filtering. If not, Supply Depot calldown is a lifesaver.
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Broodlords only come behind your mineral line if you're playing it on Brutal. On Casual to Hard difficulties, they only come out in front.

They come behind on hard too, ikr as i did all in vs air on hard and vs ground on brutal (after giving up on vs air -.-)
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on brutal All In, vs air, make sure you have plenty of fully upgrade vikings and Hel's Angels (which, btw, cost less then regular vikings), in order to get broodlords that show up behind your base and at the sides.

Mind control every single broodlord and corrupter that attacks the artifact from the front, use excess money on mutas.

when you have 4+ broodlords, you can shut kerrigan down because she can't kill the broodlings fast enough.

although its risky, you can use siege tanks to take out the hunter killers that come with kerrigan, or just target them with BL.

Using Kerrigan's own broodlords was how I beat it on hard, and I have no doubt it will carry me through on brutal as well.
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Watch out with brood lords
They have a delay before shooting and during that delay Kerri can and will storm 'em.
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Watch out with brood lords
They have a delay before shooting and during that delay Kerri can and will storm 'em.

It takes a while to get enough broodlords, and on Hard Kerri will attack before they even send any broodlords out.

So, you build a ton of marines, and send them out at the same time as the BLs, and they will probably be stormed instead, allowing you to launch your broodlings at kerrigan and pull back your rines.

p.s. when I did it on Hard, I didn't kill Kerri the last time until after the charge reached 100%, so it took a little longer for kerrigan to taunt you, then tell you not to give up, and then Raynor to fire the artifact.
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It takes a while to get enough broodlords, and on Hard Kerri will attack before they even send any broodlords out.

She attacked when i had 3 broodlords MCd on hard. Considering that two first visits she does not use storm it was all fine , i just kited her with broodlords until she stucked in the broodlings.
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