Jack the Marine

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Jack the Marine is with his buddies at the bar and they see a zergling what happens next?
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Jack the marine pulls his C-14 Gauss Rifle and fires twenty rounds in it's direction.
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The Zergling dodges the bullets and calls his 20 Baneling friends to help.
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A contingent of Sentries warps in and repels the Banelings with Force Fields, while the Marines fire at them.
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Suddenly the Banelings curl up in a strange cocoon and they soon emerge as Hunter Banelings which jump over the force field and kill the sentries.
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Suddenly, NUKES!
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Suddenly, Super PDDS that shoot down the nukes! They were deployed by a Super Raven which proceeds to drop down Super Autoturrets that begin slaughtering everything except Jack.
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And then momma ship recalls everything off clift.... All gone.
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A pitch black rift opens up not far from the mother ship. I step out. "Whoops, wrong continuum." As I exit the rift turns into a neutron star, decimating the planet.
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A Phoenix swoops down and picks up Jack, and proceeds to fly him off the planet before it is destroyed, and then crashes into an Overlord who just happened to pass by.
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