I already know this may not be the best forum to put this on, but I also feel it's better to share an idea then leave it locked away. If you could direct me to a better forum, that would be greatly appreciated!

So, on my drive home from college a few days ago, I had a random idea for a custom map. Now if this one already exists, please tell me so I can play the creep out of it! Otherwise, feel free to take this as inspiration to make it someone! (PLEASE?!) I lack the time and skills to make anything like this..

OK! So the idea of the game is broken into two parts. Part one is that it plays very much like normal SC2 for a 'general' figure on each of two teams. This general(executor/broodmother) controls the general army, economy and base building. This would include unit production and upgrades, and directing said army into battle.

Now, the interesting part, is that each team also has a batch of player 'soldiers' that see the game world in a second/third(over the shoulder) perspective, who start out as the generals worker units. However, as the general unlocks more of their respective tech tree, these plays can swap forms/avatars, to become marines, zerglings, zealots and so on. The catch, is that doing this deducts that unit's cost from the generals economy, though he is allowed to limit a player's 'spending'.

Well, lets back up a bit to the worker part. When a soldier starts, as a worker, they can use the resources they are allotted to make buildings for their respective general. As the tech tree opens up, and the game progresses, they also get to spend resources to become a combat/caster/vehicle unit, but will have to pay again to become it if they die. At all times, however, respawning as a worker is free(or perhaps half price).

An alternate idea, is that a general can give specific players an 'allowance'. IE a percentage of his overall income, which that player spends on selecting units to play as(Still limited by the generals tech tree) as well as fund their own upgrades (Or even build buildings for their general!). This separate upgrades system would punish someone who tries to 'tech swap' too many times, but if they dedicated more resources into one unit type, could make it a decent 'hero' unit.

A second alternate, is that basic soldier and worker units are free for soldiers, but they still pay for upgrades and advanced units via credits(gold mineral icon) which is earned by killing things or gathering resources on their general's behalf. This would make the soldiers a more hands off subject for the general, while also encouraging them to work for his benefit.

Obviously, the blatant appeal of this sort of custom map would be that each general gets the benefit of a handful of 'elite' units who play themselves(Because they ARE their own players). Perhaps something could be set up so the general can allot control of a 'squad' or aerial squadron to one such player?

However, a less obvious advantage to this form of gameplay, is that certain aspects of micro-management could be taken off the general's shoulders.

Imagine playing toss executor, and telling one probe player (who never leaves probe) what build you are going for, and he makes all the buildings for you, while your busy scouting and producing 'npc' probes and troops? Or a terran with a raven or ghost? A person who is solely dedicated to controlling only this one unit, and using it's abilities to turn the tides of war for his general? What about a queen who injects larva and spreads creep all on her own?

Pleasantly interesting, wouldn't you say? I've known a lot of people, who have casually talked amongst ourselves about how awesome a starcraft, army based shooter would be, and this could be the answer, while also keeping the 'generals making the calls' feel very much alive.

Thoughts? Suggestions?