StarCraft® II

Casual Campaign too hard

Im stuck on the last mission. I have 4 marines and a medic at each choke point. i make a few more units but i just cannot stop getting owned.

i wish i had a hero unit like in the Hots campaign. I beat Hots campaign just using kerrigan.
Is there any way blizzard could possible nerf the casual campaign difficulty? im just having a awful time completing it.....

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Dude, you need to pull your SCVs when the going gets tough
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Maybe next time hide your Brutal Campaign Ace achievement and Master League status before making a thread like this, then maybe you'll manage to just beat the Casual campaign. :B
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You gotta make MULES and have them bait the zerglings in circles, then make a bunch of sensor towers to make a elaborate maze for them. When they reach the mid point, build 2 two sensor towers at the entrance and end points and they will be trapped forever! *Insert evil laugh*
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OK most likely what's keeping you from completing this level is the Queen of Blades. She destroys your defenses easily.

So what you need to do is go back to General Warfield's headquarters and get Jim Raynor. Then, right when the Queen of Blades attacks, have Raynor strip down and run back and forth across the battlefield. Seeing this will almost certainly activate the Queen's dormant human memories and she will refuse to attack your forces for fear of ruining the moment. Easy victory.
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I think I know what you're doing wrong.

When you fall asleep on the keyboard, make sure your nose holds down the "A" key. As the campaign is Terran, when you wake up you'll have completed the campaign, gotten into GM and won two GSLs.
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three(or four) words: bunkers/(marines/marauders)/SCVs
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