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Heavily inspired by Dota

Name: Real name withheld only known as Ax
Race: Ogladi
Gender: Male
Age: Placeholder
Equipment: The Culler, Well worn heavy plate armor, Cooking gear, LOINCLOTHS (cloth/leather armor), Assorted equipment and gear
Magic: Placeholder - How about minor magic? Kind of like utility stuff or maybe ones that only exhibit in battle.
- Last of The Clan (Active/Passive)

- Battle Hunger (Active/Passive)
Appearence: 6'6"; Hugely muscled and red skinned with deep scars plainly visible all over his body; Piercing solid black eyes; A glorious beard.

The Culler: The simple axe wielded by Ax forces foes to take notice of him strong willed ones can ignore most of it. (Bosses, etc.)

Assassins Bracers: Mounted on the back of the arm, the katars are 9" long and a good 3" wide at the base. The wrist crossbows fire the up to 3 metal spikes; not very accurate but highly effective at close range. The shield guards pop out from the sides of the bracers forming a small shield on the forearm.

Untrained magic: While Malek has magical capabilities, he has never had any sort of real training with them. As a result, his powers are a little unwieldy and don't always work as he intended.

^All placeholders^
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steel elaborate on abilities weapons etc and galvian i'm assuming you aren't done and the abilities are a mess minor magic is allowable but post what you have in mind and i'll see
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edited it in. Can nerf if need be or change it
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so..... no fantasia weapons but instead dark magic?
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if that is ok
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its good but i'm putting a cap on ghosts to 2 and they have to be like grunts not like main character powerful
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No problem ok just tell me when is a good time to pop in and I shall.. when we get more powers I plan on making her good with pretty much forms of necromancy or something idk yet
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