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Achievements and Portraits not loading

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I tried opening my game today, and I had to agree to terms and conditions again before it logged me in.

After that, most of my achievement icons were visible as normal, but a few of them (many of the custom ones) were the blue swirl.

Was the game updated? Everything was working great yesterday...
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I tried opening my game today, and I had to agree to terms and conditions again before it logged me in.

After that, most of my achievement icons were visible as normal, but a few of them (many of the custom ones) were the blue swirl.

Was the game updated? Everything was working great yesterday...

i have the same deal. I only have the blue-swirl in-game. I tried the hash-test that was stickied, but everything checks out.
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Ok, here's a good one for you guys. I post on here yesterday, last night I'm mid-game and I instantly get dropped (which never happens). Once I return to the multiplayer screen, all my achievements work, all my portraits work, and I can download maps again. It's been over a month since I've seen them and out of no where, they suddenly work.
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Everything was fine on my MacBook Pro (2.6 GHz dual core) up through this past Sunday (Oct 31). All the Achievement icons were fine.

After yesterday (Nov 1) where I had to accept the updated ToU, I've had the same problems as some others, where almost all the Custom Game and many Campaign achievements do not load.

Those same achievement icons that are missing on my Mac appear fine when I look at my profile through the forums here.

I've also looked at the "Stickied" thread but the proposed fixes only apply to Windows/PCs and not Macs.
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@Segfalt: Do you think you could contact PeerApp and request a global fix to this issue?

Interesting find, Maged...

I'll see if this leads anywhere, thanks!
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FYI: Everything was the same when I went to bed last night, after I accepted the EULA. I just logged in and got an achievements disabled message. Now instead of where there were constant swirls and non-loading sections, it says "Achievements are currently unavailable".
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All links say success, time is synced and up to date, here are the checksums and they are passing.
ISP: Time Warner / Road Runner Broadband

324b75a80c4a6f04a93b16ab9a54dcfe504c943902fe9dad16705c6a15eae911 *324b75a80c4a6f04a93b16ab9a54dcfe504c943902fe9dad16705c6a15eae911.wafl
593097dcec7c4a1eaebd2c89e9f0f74f206db6c722296fb836b48978f0b73be0 *593097dcec7c4a1eaebd2c89e9f0f74f206db6c722296fb836b48978f0b73be0.wafl
6c8a0a83aed63386d675214c444af1be2e10afe7eae825add344e9c0bc99acba *6c8a0a83aed63386d675214c444af1be2e10afe7eae825add344e9c0bc99acba.wafl
f568e9df747f32dbccc52a8ee4f4950a03d754042b60cf86021c6873adba2b18 *f568e9df747f32dbccc52a8ee4f4950a03d754042b60cf86021c6873adba2b18.ldpt

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I have also noticed that when I look at a list of achievements, an achievement that is visible near the bottom of the list vanishes when I scroll down and re-appears when I scroll up.

Similarly when I view a collection that are visible, say colonist missions, then to another group, when I return the first set is not visible.

So it sounds like when my cache gets reset the files are not getting pulled or pulled incorrectly from the server.
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I also have this issue. I have tried the files and had no problems. My ISP is Comcast. I can play games fine and achievements all work, just the icons are bugged. Some achievements do have icons, other achievements have no icon. Some icons will switch on an off in the Profile screen as I scroll through them. Achievements still work fine though. If I meet the requirements I get the achievement.

I thought it might be a bug with my local cache, so I deleted all files in both folders ( cache and Maps cache). The problem persisted, so it can't be a cache system.

I also tested by turning off the firewall and anti-virus with the same results.
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I got the same problem today, right after I accepted the terms of use again when I opened up Starcraft 2. For me, the portraits work, but the achievement icons are bugged and I tried playing a quick custom match versus an AI to see if they still worked regardless of the icon being bugged and I didn't get any credit at all towards both achievement, the one just to win, and the one to win under 5 minutes.
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Happened to me last night as well. Just went through all the tests in the original post with no changes in-game

1. System clock + year accurate, sync enabled
2. depot tests successful
3. checksums matched after being downloaded and evaluated

The default achievement icon is the dual swirl lines which is shown on about 20% of the achievements, if you scroll ever so slightly they pop up and go away again. So they are being downloaded, just doesn't seem to be placed properly.

Any new tests?
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I tried opening my game today, and I had to agree to terms and conditions again before it logged me in.

After that, most of my achievement icons were visible as normal, but a few of them (many of the custom ones) were the blue swirl.

Was the game updated? Everything was working great yesterday...
Same thing for my computer - I've tried all the troubleshoots to no avail - can change portraits - all are available, but many achievements icons are missing - I had to agree to a TOU as well this morning. No updater ran prior to SC2 being ran.
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I'm getting this problem ever since the new EULA was published. Seems unrealistic there would be any ties to the EULA but if some other hardware changes or network changes occurred on the same day, this could be a timeline for the blizzard developers to look at.

I've tried all the tests from previous posts with no indications of problems but still get the problems illustrated in Jono's image:

ISP: Cox Communications - Texas
Router unplugged
Administrator mode
All hash's match
Telnet works
I'm unaware if Cox does proxy'ing or intrusively changes data during transmission but seeing as how big Cox is, I'm sure blizzard knows.

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Same thing happened to me today for the first time after accepting the terms of use. Haven't had any problems before this.

Ditto. I started experiencing the problem on Nov 1 after accepting the new EULA. About 20% of my achievements are the default Bnet icon. My system time, the server connection test, and file hash comparison all check out. I also deleted the cache in ProgramData, but that didn't seem to make any difference.

It seems that the client has the icons, but is failing to draw them. For some of the icons, they are drawn at certain positions while scrolling. Others draw if I click on the achievement.
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System date/year, depot tests, and the hashes all work fine. My ISP is Comcast. All my achievement icons rendered properly before the recent TOS update. I find the icons fall into three categories:
1) They work fine.
2) Glitchy -- sometimes they display, other times they don't. You can usually get them to toggle between the default icon and the appropriate icon by scrolling in the list, and can restore the appropriate icon (until you scroll again) by clicking on the achievement.
3) Missing -- These never seem to draw despite clicking on them or scrolling.

I deleted the cache in ProgramData and checked to see if I still had achievements that were not rendering properly; the exact same achievements that didn't render before didn't render after deleting the cache.

In many cases, the achievements that wouldn't render tended to be similar achievements (Mar Sara Mastery, Colonist Mastery, etc.) or in the same tab of achievements (Final Missions tab) but this isn't always the case (all the other achievements under the Mar Sara tab rendered properly for me). If knowing which images are displaying improperly would help, I can post the 57 that aren't displaying on my machine.
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Here's the thing. My portraits came back by itself, then 2 days ago, i got Achievements disabled until further notice. So i logged in through my mac laptop, and I still do not have my portraits or achievements.

btw, i'm from the SEA servers, i'm posting here because there's no blue over there that replies to our plea for help.

1) Desktop have portraits, but upon login, it gives me Achievements disabled until further notice
Also says Error if I try to go to the achievement page in-game

2) Laptop just shows the triforce logo for achievements and portraits.
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