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Lol, Xer, you gave him like... Nothing.

I'll start working on another character
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Name: Zorra
Age: 24
Soldier type: Artemis, Special Operations Infiltration and Assault Division
Appearance: small lithe build, 5'2", beautiful golden with flecks of brown eyes, auburn shoulder length hair, pale skin tone, several scars down her back from fighting with a Zealot
Armament: Kisani MK II Infiltration and Assault Armor; Earthy Brown, Silenced Ion Rifle, Twin Plasmasabers; Black core with gold edging, Shredder Grenades, Flash Bangs, K-68 'Grim Reaper' semi-auto silenced pistol
Abilities: Advanced Infiltration Training(Passive), Cloak(semi passive), Combat Pilot Training(Passive[will remove if you wish]), Telekinesis, Psi-Lightning
Backstory: -Classified-
Starting planet: Earth
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You're good, Morph. Well done.
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Name: Morris Reese
Age: 42
Soldier type: Kameelperd- Is specially augmented in leg muscles to allow greater speed and jumping and has augmented hearing. There are also multitude of reserve augmentations for the use of reflex ability.
Appearance: A darker skin tone, somewhere between black and white, but not Hispanic or Asian. Short black hair and brown eyes. He is quite muscled, and will most likely either be wearing his brown armor or simple grey trousers and black shirt, the latter of which having a white giraffe head on the top-right of it. Armor appears like this:

Armament: War Giraffe (which has its own armaments), M-61 Submachine Gun, energy lance
Abilities: Reflex, Giraffe Whisperer(Passive)
Reflex- Morris' brain slows down its perception of time and his reserve augmentations activate, this allows for extremely fast movement in small amounts of time, and the capability to sometimes even dodge bullets.
Giraffe Whisperer- It allows Morris to communicate with giraffes.

Backstory: ...Let's skip this, shall we?

Starting planet: Earth

War Giraffe Armaments (Prone to change): Head mounted grenade launcher, shoulder mounted machine guns, hooves, hip mounted machine guns

"This is half humor, half serious. I just recently decided I should do something with giraffes."
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I OK'd this already, but...don't make me regret it.
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Are you serious? SF made a character that rides giraffes and Zarkun OK'd it?

...Here we go... You're the DM, I guess.
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I made him work on it first, so don't think he didn't have to earn it.
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*Shrug* Not my decision. I just hope I don't get affected by it.
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Name: Aaron Willis
Age: 26
Soldier type: Marine(Infantry)
Appearance: Hispanic skin tone. Extremely muscular. 6'4" Buzz cut hair.
Starting planet: Korhal

Will Edit later.
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^ Korozain^
Name: "Shadow"
Age- Classified
Eye color - Hellish Red
Body type - Agile
Hair color -Silver
Skin color - Light tan
Height: 6' 9" 250
Features - Decreased facial features (only eyes, nostrils and hair) Muscular, but not very.
Stating Planet: Earth
Artemis - "Templar" Special Covert Operations Division

Suit: Necromancer Mk.V H.E.S., Tactical mask (Ready with psi-booster and a tactical eyepiece), Armor color: Dark-grey, icy blue trims. Mask, Chrome. Red fibre-wires along the suit and mask

Weapons: Colt 2255 Marksman Rifle (Semi and Burst Auto) Hollow Point Rounds and Cryo Rounds. .30 Caliber.
Psi Charged Tactical Knife.

Abilities: Cloaking, Tactical Grenades (Incinderary, EMP, Concussion)
Manipulation: Ability to create mild rips in reality to cause destruction in single or multiple targets and also create illusions (stealth, decoys,etc.) All of which require large amounts of his Energy

Backstory: A former Ghost taken into Project Final Flash to experiment with psionic energy. The result was that his psi index did not go up, but his general physique, agility, and telekinetic abilities increased while his telepathic ones decreased evenly. He has proved to be more efficient at killing quietly and has known to be more subtle. His facial features were somehow deconstructed aside from nostrils, eyes and hair. He normall keeps his mask on anyways. Currently stationed on Earth with the rest of his team.
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Final Flash didn't mix DNA, just augmented it.
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Ffffff..... Okay. Editing.
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Edit: Char sheet should be pretty much finished.
Name: "Echo" (True name is Violet , and known by few.
Age: 23
Soldier type: Psionic "Reaver"
Appearance: Blond Hair, Purple Eyes. Agile, strong, and beautiful.
Armament: "Archangel" Sniper Rifle, Leech Blade, Gauss Pistol, and Wrist Knives.
Abilities: Psionic Bolt, Psionic Barrage, Leech Strike, Psionic Charge, Psionic Strike
Starting planet: Korhal (I guess, if full then Earth)
Backstory: Most of her life previous to finding herself on (Insert whatever planet that I get put into here) is unknown. She was a member of the Converse Alliance, a leader. She, along with her father, were heroes (Not according to Imperial Law, in their corner of the galaxy). Her and her father went on a secret mission to disable Imperial superweapons... They found the most surprising thing any would've seen: Many of their allies.... In Imperial Stasis Tubes. The Imperials had been waiting for them, and were prepared to destroy them both. The Imperials, however, wanted to destroy her father first since he had been such a thorn (TBH, it's more like a sword) in their side for so long. They fired many prototype and experimental weapons onto him. When the smoke cleared, he was gone. Echo, in a violent fit of Psionic rage, destroyed the Imperials, and in the act, sent all of her father's allies from wherever they were, to an uncharted pocket dimension. She also, put herself in a stasis tube and jettisoned it from the asteroid lab she was in. Who knows how long later, she ended up on (Insert whatever planet that I get put into here) with only one memory: Her father. She managed to rebuild her life and became a soldier, in the 27th Psionic Corps, and later into the Elite Corps after the 27th's defeat.

Item/Ability Descriptions:
Psionic Bolt: Fires a concentrated psionic blast at something.
Psionic Barrage: Fires multiple, but weak, psionic blasts in an area.
Leech Blade: A prototype blade that drains enemies, weakens them, or makes them expend all their energy quickly. Drawbacks are that it doesn't affect Zerg and it takes very long to recharge, so can be used little. Leech Strike is essentially attacking an enemy with the Leech Blade.
Psionic Charge: Focus Psionic Energy for a stronger attack
Psionic Strike: Charge the knives with psionic energy and striking the enemy.

Armor Suit Descriptions:
(Suits cannot be changed when not at base)
C.E.S: Combat Environment suit. Gives extra armor. Teal, Purple, and Grey. Resembles Varia Suit Samus, without the helmet, arm cannon, or oversized shoulders.
H.E.S: Camouflage and Cloaking. Teal, Purple, and Grey when not in camouflaged. Features small backpack.
Agility Suit: The ultimate escape device, equipped with lightweight utility belt with a knife, a short range teleporter, and 3 flashbangs. Device speeds up wearer while running, albeit only in short bursts as too much would waste all energy.
Standard Suit: A suit similar to the ghost suit, although slightly more armored.
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Explain your abilities, the Leech blade and how you're going to work the energy whip since weapons of that sort are highly unstable. If you can't supply a good reason, cut it.
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How's my edit Zarkun?
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Looks good Koro. I'll add you when I get on my comp later.
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Edited my sheet. Good enough?
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BTW I have a few edits for my char that I'll post tonight.

EDIT: changes submitted! also question: if I run it by you first may I give Zorra a custom fighter that is sort of an amalgamation of terran and protoss tech or does it have to be pure Terran or Cannon only fighters?
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So, xer. I still need to think on yours. Morph, wait on that. Right now, air support is REAL slim and you'd be needed on the ground.
Edited by Zarkun on 6/22/2013 5:37 PM PDT
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Are you serious? SF made a character that rides giraffes and Zarkun OK'd it?

...Here we go... You're the DM, I guess.
"In response to this, I was going to make a giraffe character, so..."
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