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So there is no way to currently beat the map then? I also lose when someone gets near that area.... And do you know if the source of the crash is a trigger or just the buildings themselves somehow messing up the game's programming? I love this game and really hope the map maker fixes the problem. I added both map makers to my friends' list so I could try to ask them, but have yet to see either online.

I honestly have no idea why the tech reactor buildings cause the crash. I checked all of the triggering involved in the map (both the GUI and the galaxy code) and couldn't find any evidence of code intended to intentionally cause a crash. I think it might be related to how tech reactors work and the fact that they are overlapping their pathing in close proximity to other buildings, but I'm still not sure why the crash happens.

It is possible to avoid crashing somehow, as others have stated they have beaten the game. It seems like the tech reactors cause the bug, but what actually triggers the crash is moving into the area above them. So if you stay below and kill them first, you might be able to avoid a crash, although this is just theoretical and not tested.

I could fix the bug and publish the fixed version, but it wouldn't receive the popularity of the previous version, and I don't want to look like I'm trying to steal the map.

Just redo it, give credit to the two people who remade the map for StarCraft 2 and just put your name down for bug fixes. No one would call you a thief...and if they did they obviously don't belong on the computer in the first place so who cares?
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Working list so far of what unlocks I've gotten playing solo (going to beat it with a friend tonight I hope :P)


3 Batteries = Probe
3 Batteries and All Condiments = Stalker
Expensive Wine = Zergling (with Speed!)
1 Toilet Paper and 1 Lighter = Firebat
Organic Safe = The Thing Inside the Safe (obvious?)
All Cheese and Bread = Immortal
Terrantron = Thor
Meat Grinders = Mule (which is EPIC!)
Manager's Desk = Marine

We also unlocked the giant Baneling, Aberration, and Brutalisk (not sure the combos to get these though), but it was 2:30 AM and we got stupid and I just randomly hit explode for fun on the Baneling not realizing my friend had to run off the medicine and back on to heal me, we got down to under 500 buildings though, easiest way to win, get stalker and immortal. Friend sits on the portal while you get back to the safe, blink your way back, kill buildings so enemy units can't follow, still loads of fun!

Tips for fast Stalker (done at 50% handicap [I know I'm bad!]; definitely one of the best choices for solo):

Start by weakening all Condiments to 141-159 health (this is about as low as they will go before burning). And drop all Batteries down to 1 health (I start from the far one and go down the line). Immediately start killing the batteries, only 2-3 should remain. For some reason batteries don't count against you for the next next wave, think its a bug, but oh well. Then run towards the back of the store and come down the Condiment isle on your way out, if you do it right you can get 2-3 of those burning as well, just run back to the start, let them reset and go finish the batteries while they run to you and hit the condiments on your way out. You can also use the drone at this point because it is faster than the zealot and saves you loads of time. With the stalker your choices are pretty much limitless there, you get blink + out run them until they get the predators (you should be around 10 buildings away from that at this point though) and vultures (15 buildings after predators/marines come). At 50% handicap you 1 shot Firebats, Marines, and Vultures with the Stalker, and put the Predators in the red (don't get hit by the predators as much as possible, they do quite a bit of damage).

As people come up with better strategies for the more powerful unlocks in a faster method, feel free to post them!

Also would love to try and keep a running list going of all the unlockables and how to do them (I remember most of the unlocks from StarCraft 1, but they seem to be slightly different now in StarCraft 2, or maybe the last version I played was VERY dated...)
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the time machien = brutalisk
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Kill all shopping carts=battle cruiser.
Shopping carts do not count for advancing waves, so you could potentially still be on the first wave of enemies with a battle cruiser.

DvDs give hydras I think.
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Anybody know how to get sentry, archon or roach?
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the crash is actually when you look at the Terratron model at the top-right of the map. For some reason, a little while after you pan the camera so it is visible (whether your unit is there or not) the game will crash. This has always happened to me and I have no reason to think otherwise.
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Time Machine Sends Prehistoric Beast BTW
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It's not that bad, its actually really fun when
1. you get the flying cop killer (0.01 weapon speed lolz)
2. the end where you play a weird game
3. the thing inside the safe
4. Super Flying shopping cart

I never experienced crashing and I have the worst laptop ever

I can tell you how to get many things
Unarmed Puncher (zealot): default
Unarmed Spitter (drone (wtf)): right there
Broken Wine bottle (OP zergling): destroy expensive whine
DVD Launcher (OP hydralisk): destroy all DVDs (watch for the laser security system
Toy tank (siege breaker): destroy all toys
Deadly Cheese sandwich (Immortal): destroy all bread and cheese
Condiment Shooting robot (stalker with funny colored lasers): destroy condiments (no duh)
Flaming Toilet Paper (Firebat): 1 or 2 lighters and all toilet paper (not the ones in the bathrooms)
Tazer (probe): 2 batteries
Suicidal Club addict (gigantic baneling): all clubs must be destroyed
Excrement Launcher (brown archon wtf): destroy all toilets and the toilet near the terratron (behind manager's room)
Furious Crab (colossus); destroy crabs/seafood
Mobile Meat grinder (MULE): one of the meat grinders
Nuclear waste launcher (roach): nuclear barrels scattered across the map
The thing inside the safe (broodlord with dark templar spawns wtf lolz): the safe to the left of the main spawn
Super Flying shopping cart (battlecruiser): kill all shopping carts (and maybe customers)
Flying cop killer (reaper with insane attack speed as I said before): all security cameras, perditions and doors (kinda tricky, took me a while to get it)
Terratron scrap (thor): kinda obvious, kill the terratron with something like the condiment shooting robot
PEDA Advocate (medic): kill all store animals, helpful with the flying cop killer or condiment shooting robot
Prehistoric Creature (brutalisk): time machine below the main spawn, behind all those animals
Mutant Slug Spawn (infestor): that massive nuke silo to the left of the safe
Moldy food monster (abberation): the room with the infested buildings
Manager's Gun (OP marine): Destroy manager's desk
Fireworks launcher (SCV with Nukes FTW ma favorite): TRICKY: destroy fireworks and launchers in main store and the storage room

I'm working on a HOTS version called Market War, may post it soon!
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