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How to react vs Forge Fast Expand

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The only real "response" to FFE is to grab a quick third.

You don't react to a FFE if you want to be aggresive. What's important is what he does after that. If he begins teching, throwing down more gates, etc.

If you try to be aggresive just because he went FFE you run the risk of just straight up dying if he picks an aggresive build.

There are a couple different builds, but most of them depend on what he's doing, if he sees them coming, and how early you want to hit. What really matters is if he does FFE> nexus>cannon> makes no untis until x time (because protoss are greedy)/follow build orders rigidly.

But overall, aggresive responses are "worse" than just taking a third hatch.
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Call me crazy but ever since bronze I have bane busted every single FFE I have ever come across. I win almost every single time :P
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Grab 3 expansions.
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a 2 base swarm host nydus vs a FFE player has never failed me
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06/26/2013 02:38 PMPosted by Spartiate
Call me crazy but ever since bronze I have bane busted every single FFE I have ever come across. I win almost every single time :P

In the higher leagues they will start placing forcefields and baneling busts become nearly impossible against a skilled opponent and even if you do get in, you're in for a rude awakening when your zergling are trapped in the natural against tons of zealots.
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If they chase my scouting drone, Fast 3rd into roach / ling / hydra to keep em on 2 bases.

If not...
Uhmm... well...

I cancel my natural if I see they let the drone in, make a base in their base, get gas and roach warren ASAP, make queen in their base continuously, make lots of roaches from both proxy and main, listen to rage... also, make sure they cannot base trade you, get 1 spine at main when you can, scout for hidden expos, if they hold you almost always do enough damage to get to Swarmhosts >:D But as said, this is only if they don't chase scout :P
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