Hybrid Race Mod/Map (Early Beta)

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This is my first topic, so please forgive my patheticness. I have started to create a (much wanted) hybrid race! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1zbjyh3750ycf6r/HybridRace.SC2Map
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So am I.

New Race Idea for StarCraft
The Hybrid Race
“Command hive” can “uproot” and move along ground.
Units use the changeling ability to disguise themselves as the enemy units and attack instead of cloaking. Enemy units will not attack unless manually commanded or if unit(s) is detected.
Building can be occupied units, which grants upgrades and defenses to building.
Base building
Like all other races the hybrid race will also have workers though there is one significant feature about them, they are used to build your army. Worker can morph into combat units which also morph into stronger units, requiring the needed tech building.
Worker can only build “Command Hive” and supply buildings. Like the SCV, in which the worker builds to completion then moves on. Supply buildings morph into teck builings which morph into stronger tech.

There are 12 buildings for this race the “command hive” & building upgrade, Supply buildings, Gas building, a Universal unit building & building upgrade, a Melee unit building & building upgrade, a Range unit building & building upgrade, and a Flying unit building & building upgrade.
With a worker inside the building can perform unit upgrades. Note: Once upgraded worker can exit building.
Supply and tech buildings are a lot like pylons or depots. Only difference is that when a worker is occupying a supply building then the life and supply is increased a little, plus detection is added but only to tech buildings.

“Command hive” building- Workers are produced in structure, but when upgraded structure can produce two units at a time and morph support units. With 1 or 2 worker occupying, upgrades to All units armor and abilities to Support units become available, life increased, and can produce a 3rd or 4th worker.

Universal unit building- morphs units that attack both air and ground units but at a sort range and average attack damage. With worker occupying, upgrades to Universal attacks and abilities become available.

Melee unit building- morphs units that attack ground units only but with stronger attack damage than universal units. With worker occupying, upgrades to Melee attacks and abilities become available

Range unit building- morphs units that attack both air and ground units but at a longer range and lower attack damage than Universal units. With worker occupying, upgrades to Universal attacks and abilities become available.

Flying unit building- morphs flying units that attack both air and/or ground units at an average range and attack damage. With worker occupying, upgrades to Flying attacks and abilities become available.

Army building
Workers are used to morph into combat units.
First Mutations
Drop ships – This flying ships transport units over all terrain and the units inside can still attack but at a reduce range of 1.
Detection caster unit- This ground unit can cast a personnel shield to all ally units of the spell, can stun enemy units within range of Detection caster unit, and can detect hidden units.
Fast moving zealot attack 23/2.6.
Something like an expensive Marine unit with a range of 7.
Something like a marauder that can shoot both air and ground units with splash damage.
Look like an overlord, has a range of 1 and does 12/1.69 damage to air and ground units.

Second Mutations
Melee units morph into stronger melee units, Range into range, Universal into Universal, and Flying into flying.
Melee mutations
Hybrid Reaver
Range mutations
Thor that shoots hellion flames and anti-air guns .
Universal mutations
Hybrid destroyer
Flying mutations
Flying “Siege Tank in Siege mode” carpet bomber, range 3 with Battle Cruiser Anti-air guns.
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1/3 done.
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2/3 done
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When will this be done?
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Yo are you sure that you want a Thor with anti infantry, anti-air and strong attack?
And are you kidding me with the Carpet Bomber? No zerg will be able to break through the defense if you have good anti-air.
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