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Hi everyone. Just noticed this section of the forums so I thought I would stick in a plug for the extension mod I made called SALT. It allows you to create and play through build orders to help you get better at the game. You can save and reload at any time in a matter of seconds or simply restart the map from the begining (also in seconds).

SALT currently has 5/5 stars rating with 3 reviews:

"I love SALT! Why? use it and discover for yourself. Give some love and support for the guy developing this, and this will be the best buildOrder/trainer mod for SC2." - daali

"If everybody starts training with this, winning would be a lot harder. Hopefully others don't discover it :P" - Nabukadnezar

"Pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I only messed with the save/load options and they work fine. I'm not sure about any other options" - Lime

A new and up to date demonstration vieo can be found here

Here are some builds you can import to try out:
The Terran build order in the video (but a more detailed version)

!Polt's Tvz~& /( !( ,+ " + !(, /. !(0 #2 )2 % . 0 !, !% !% !# !# !# !# !J !J 'M !& # ,

This is a hard to follow Protoss build order including a lot of timestamps on each step. (warning level: hard)

!Kracen Oracle harass~% M ;)!H 8+", 3+ 3,"M ;,"M 4.#D !K0#D !82#F ;3$- >3$= !86$G ;8%- !L;%G 9;&# !L>&& 8>&E =>&U !LA'$ 3A 3E'K !LL(9 7L 7Y*/ <

a macro ZvP build into hydras/vipers

!Hyun's 3hatch opener~% !?+ I+ D+ !? !@ !C D !@ %/ !@ C C H "# B #J C #@ D C (M #D F E C C "$ D K !O !O !O #a ,R #A

EDIT: updated to reflect changes in the tool
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This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks man, keep up the good work!
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This is fabulous d(^_^)b I have to try it out. Thanks for the work.
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A lot has changed, I have updated the origional post to reflect the changes.
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I've recieved a bunch of questions about SALT lately (probably because there was a glimpse of it in JaKaTaKs new video (great vid btw).

So it's about time I made an FAQ. If you have questions or don't know what it is try looking here:
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