Hey I have a really good ideas for a mod that includes new units but, have no programing know how could some one please help me see this become a real mod instead of just having to imagine it. I don't care if the have custom looks, but that would be nice to have.

Mod StarCraft 2 Evolution Wars

1 new hatchery upgrade (Greater Hive).
3 new buildings (Greater Hive, Waspling Nest, DNA Pool)
2 new ground units (Drakalisk, Scantilisk)
2 new air units (Waspling, Waspling Worker)

DNA Pool- (Requires Lair, Evolution Chamber)
(Allows Scantilisk to be produced at Hatchery, Lair, Hive, or Greater Hive.)
(Allows Drone to build Waspling Nest after Hive is built.)
A pool of blood and slime

Waspling Nest- (Requires Hive, DNA Pool, Spire)
Produces larva that can turn in to Wasplings and Waspling Workers only)
If making model Make it look like a living version of a hornet nest.

Greater Hive- Mutates from Hive (Requires DNA Pool and Ultralisk Cavern)
Same as Hive more hit points, is detector produces a max of 7 larva instead of 3)
(Allows Drakalisk to be produced at hatchery, lairs, hives, and greater hives.)
If making Model make look like a Hive with 4 tentacles that look like spine crawlers {and if possible can u make them attack like a spine crawler but different damage amount.}

Waspling Worker- Flying Harvester unit, has melee attack that hits both air and ground units but no damage to structures. Would like a stinger attack and zerg meets wasp model if possible.

Waspling- A medium strength air unit to help defend Waspling Nest, I think that it should be able to attack ground and air at short-range use graphic for hydralisk spines, if making model make it look like a meaner version of the Waspling Worker.

Drakalisk- A ground unit with a flame attack like the firebat half as tough as an ulltralisk.
If making model spider meets squid like look would be nice.

Scantilisk- A super ground unit (only allowed 1) that is based off the Scantid should have melee attack, borrow movement, and some sort of powerful attack abilities)
If modeling go nuts with this one.

Can someone make something like this please our with at least the following 3 Waspling Worker, Waspling and Waspling nest buildable by drone Requirements (Lair, Spire, Evolution Chamber)