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How to beat the crucible?

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I have been playing the campaign on hard difficulty, and levels have been mostly easy. However, I am stuck on The Crucible. What is the best strategy for this mission?
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In my opinion, it would be best to make a large force of Mutalisks due to their high move speed and bouncing attack, they can deal a lot of damage, along with the fact that the Primals have very few AA units at their disposal.
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Luma is correct. Mass Mutas early on helps against aerial assault and supports your ground defenses. They also help get that darned achievement for killing the Tyrannozor. You should have at least 20 at handy before Yagdra's brood eliminate's Brakk's forces and swarms the entire map. Focus on upgrading Flyer Upgrades.

I recommend at least 6-7 SHs and 4 spine crawlers at each entrance to the base. Expanding is optional but will optimize your resource gathering. Focus on getting as many workers as you can early on as well.

Make sure to place at least 3 spore crawlers to defend areas where Primal Fliers can reach. Also, keep several Swarm Queens in handy for your entrance.

Finally, Remember that: Primal Locusts are your friend.

Around the time Yagdra kills off Brakk's forces, you'll basically have your hands full with Primal zerg so make use of the Primal locusts when you can and make use of your mutalisk fleet. Pull defenses back to Kerrigan around this time.
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I agree with UltraNoob, When Brakk's pack is eliminated, your base will be swarmed with primal zerg CONSTANTLY. They will also attack your expansion so deploy defenses there. And SHs will be your friend for guarding the entrances as the locusts are quite tanky and deadly. Just beware of primal Mutalisks as they can kill SHs very quickly.
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take your first 3 mutalisks and go camp the left spawn point and kill units as they hatch. The first wave has no anti-air. This lets you easily clear the first wave (maybe even two) without losing units and that lets you establish a firm foothold.

Take your expansion as quickly as possible and go mass mutalisks. Make queens too.

for kerrigan skill you should have the reconstuct zergling spell, so make about 30 lings and trade them away in every fight and get them back for free.

tried it again to make sure.
yep, only mutalisks and static defense.
i had my initial 5 swarm hosts and queen, and i made 3 more queens for healing. Then i just added static D and mutalisks non-stop. Part way in i remembered that i'd have free zerglings so i made some lings just to always have free lings.

one tip that will help in all missions of the campaign is to take your drones off gas at the beginning. When you have 10 drones, you don't want to be mining gas, you want to be mining minerals because that will get you more drones. get closer to saturation on both bases, then take gases, and start making mutalisks after that.
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Almost every strategy is viable on the crucible on hard/brutal.
One that I found amusing was massing zerglings, but by far the most effective one was grabbing an early expo at the soonest convenience and put up spines/2 spores to defend it, use mass spines to defend ramps with roaches and hydras.

Raptorlings with the attack speed mutation are perfect, roaches are best with the debuff.
Zerglings are there to buffer damage.
Don't bother sending units over to your expo and you don't need to bother about mutalisks to snipe the zerg killing the bottom rocks. Although if you do snipe those it'll make it a lot easier.

for kerrigan skill you should have the reconstuct zergling spell, so make about 30 lings and trade them away in every fight and get them back for free.

You should be using zergling reconstruct for pretty much every level, it's free units and also boosts your remaxing and production rate.
Early game you can just send zerglings to attack things at no cost.
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