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O Mighty Forum Gods

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Great ones, those whose names must not be typed, read our prayers! Thou hast sent upon us a great time of tribulation, and if it hath a purpose we knoweth it not. Thou hast changed the holy font, that blessed medium that alloweth us to commune with thee and with one another. Thou hast made thee a new rule, that no edit may be made within a time of one minute, lest evildoers spam through editing.

We know that thou art able to know best the way to run this, thy forum. We know that without thee we should have no peace for the sake of the trolls, whom thou restraineth. But look now upon thy subjects! See the pain thou hast wrought! We, who are writers, and perfectionists, do compulsively edit our very posts that there may not be a spelling error in sight! Yet now, thou hast made this task exceeding painful. I, one of thy faithful, do tremble greatly lest those least afflicted with OCD cease to edit their posts, spreading ill spelling among us! We know that thou knowest all things regarding the internet and the battling of those who troll and the slaying of he who would spam. Thou banneth them without mercy, and our praise riseth to thee for thy justice. We know that this change is merely a test of our faith in thee, and beg that thou wouldst take away the plague of the edit delay, for it troubleth us sorely.

I beseech thee, O lords of the forum! Take away this plague! Indeed, in this very post did I make spelling errors, and did weep with the sorrow of waiting a full minute to edit!

Let all who are faithful raise their cries to the heavens!
Edited by KnarledOne on 7/4/2013 7:40 AM PDT
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*A sniffle escapes my mouth as a few tears trickle down my cheeks as the cold solid ground absorbed them so new life may begin anew!*

It's like poetry.
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I raise up my hands and stand, giving forth a mighty shout. "Amen!"
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I feel the need... the need for...

A bump.

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Thou hast outdone thyself KnarledOne.
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Thou have brought honor upon thee peasants of this wee land.
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Thou knowest that the gods doth not sped any time whatsoever in this section.
I say unto you, try thy luck in the general forums!
"Actually, I am convinced there is at least one person who monitors this section of forums."
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"A quiet section that barely anybody frequents? One where its occupants are (somewhat) rational and logical? And mostly devoid of idiots? Don't joke around, they probably don't even bat an eyelash at the forums more than once a month."

I say with a bit of sadness.
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