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Overall, I really liked the campaign. I think it is probably the most fun campaign I have ever played from blizzard, because of the way it was paced. Usually in campaigns I want a strong economy that transforms in to a big army that eventually kind of kills everything once it is made, but in this campaign I felt pressure to continuously attack throughout most of the levels. I also wanted a fast army, which usually doesn't really matter as much in the campaign, and I felt like I was controlling a true swarm.

On the other hand, there were a bunch of missions that could have been a lot better with very simple adjustments. Some of the levels are way too easy, even on brutal, and some of them just could have felt a little better. Here are some thoughts on things I don't really understand from blizzard's thought processes behind some of the specifics on some mission.

Lab Rat: It would have been nice if there were a few bots attacking your base at the start. I understand that valerian was unprepared and that's fine, but not that unprepared (this is small though).

Back in the Saddle: The timer is wayyyy too long for the security lockdowns. When you control only one unit, at least try to make that difficult.

Rendesvous; now this is an interesting one. I feel like it should have been a timed level when I was playing it, but I suppose Jim never arrives there, so blizzard gets a pass on this.

Domination: This is way too easy. Even on brutal this is easier than the equivalent Warcraft 3 mission (Mal'Ganis one) on normal.

Old Soldiers: I suppose I understand that blizzard wanted to be noob friendly, but this would have been a nice place to introduce overseers and have then nuke your base from time to time...

Harvest of Screams: This mission should be timed, possibly with your time increasing every time you kill a spire. The way it is it's as if the spires are fake and not actually contacting shakuras, as you have a million years to kill the protoss here.

Waking the ancient: Way too easy, even on brutal. The primal zerg need something to counter mutas.

The Crubicle: Nice level, but why is this a swarm host level? Swarm hosts aren't very good in the campaign, but this is the worst level for them in the game!

Infested: Losing a virophage is kind of meaningless in this mission when you can replant them in 2 seconds with an infestor. They should either take a couple minutes to respawn or be one shot virophages only.

The Reckoning: Right before the mission, Kerrigan agrees not to attack any civilian centers that are still being evacuated. It would have been difficult to design a mission around not harming civilians while invading the planet, but that would have been interesting to watch. Have mensk march the Oden through a civilian center that you aren't allowed to go in, destroying all the cars and people in the region? I don't know, I just would have liked some gameplay aspect to support Kerrigan's sudden caring about civilians in the end.

Also, Kerrigan is ridiculously overpowered. Heroes should be good, but not that good.

On a side note, I think the duran/narud missions were kind of wasted potential storywise. Blizzard did an amazing job building him up in Brood war, and then, bam, we just discover him hiding in a lab and then we kill him here. I expected him to be a bigger part of this game, and was kind of surprised/disappointed that he died so easily.

As I said, I love this campaign overall, but I think there are a few simple things that could have made it a lot better. What do you guys think?
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Domination: This is way too easy. Even on brutal this is easier than the equivalent Warcraft 3 mission (Mal'Ganis one) on normal.

Ah, "The Culling".
Ugh...I hated that mission in WC3.

The Crubicle: Nice level, but why is this a swarm host level? Swarm hosts aren't very good in the campaign, but this is the worst level for them in the game!

In my experience, a group of swarm hosts is quite useful as defence, because enemy units attack the locusts before the hosts themselves. Dumb AI...
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Overall good points. Skygeirr was very fan-servicey, with Sudden Stukov and then Sudden Narud. And unless you read quite frankly too deeply into the fight with Narud there was nothing in the form of thematic signifcance to that arc - it's the Hanson mission of HotS, if you will.

That said those missions weren't 100% easy, at least not to me. I had trouble fighting the hybrids with small unit groups early and Kerrigan wasn't even available in the last mission (OH NOES, no super powered Primal Queen to carry my bad Zerg play - whatever shall I do?) Hydra + Ultra does well, however.
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The first time I played the Crubicle I used swarm hosts, and I found it really challenging and I think I failed. The second time I played it I used corpser/range hydra (I'm glad that combination is fun, because I think I used that combination almost every level of the game until I could add in unkillable ultras in to the mix), and beat the mission with no problem. Day9 has often said that swarm hosts are the worst defensive unit in the game, and the way the campaign makes them I think they're even worse. Idk, I just didn't like swarm hosts in the campaign or in that level.
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Time limits are the thing i hate the most....i will never play the campaign again just because of that... everytime i kinda feel like playing it i picture myself playing in a "hurry" and just lose interest...

there should be an option to replay the mission without time contrains...
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I don't mind time limits as it actually pushes you to try variety and your ability to actually play the game. Unlike the unlimited time missions where you can just turtle to a 200/200 steamroll army and just a-move across the map afterwards.

I thought Blizzard had it perfect with WoL when there were time limits as some of the achievements instead of being part of some of the missions though.
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I really wouldn't mind some time limits. Just think back to a bunch of the WoL missions and how many of those were on a time limit. Given, they were presented in clever ways so that you had to stay on schedule, but they were time limits nonetheless.
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