StarCraft® II

Epilogue RP Thread III

"Sure." I say with a smile.
[John Jr]
I smile back but it quickly fades. "I'll let you pick."
Hey Morph, TMT please.
"Sylva gets to pick."
[John Jr]
"Thats fine..." I quickly look at the time before looking back at the twins. "Ready whenever you are."
We nod to each other and start off for the theaters.

Zark: back to you in TMT
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"Zarkun, if you see a bomb on that site, don't panic. I won't kill you all. Yet."

I wake up, my eyes flutter open, and the pain in my side flaring greater than I had felt it before I had passed out. I move my hand out from under me and the pain lessens. With lots of cringing I gather the strength to exit the room and head down to the hospital. I poke the area where my rib should be, and pain flares. It was still there, but very loosely. I would have to move slow.
IC: "Well that matter is finished for now. So what are you shopping for?" Daniel asks still next to her.
I shrug. "Not sure." I say before starting towards a clothing store.
IC: "If its shoes I will laugh." Daniel joke following her but not really knowing why
I smile slightly looking over at Amanda. "I've had several short term relationships so where good some we bad. I've only had one or two long term relationships and those were the best that I had. Now that I am older I guess I am starting to look for a more stable long term relationship."

"Fair enough. I've never really settled down because my line of work always has me jumping from one place to the next."

"I'll get Amanda's attention." Focusing for a moment, I speak in Amanda's mind. Hate to break up your lesbian love fest, but Ivan needs to talk with his sister. Mind letting her know?

I sigh;
"Bloody hell... Leah, it seems your brother wants to talk to you... Why he had Apollo relay it through me though, I have no idea..."

I shrug slightly. "With Leah it can be anything. Though it might be tormenting some of the maintenance crew. She has done it before to..."

"The maintenance crew? why them?"
I ask.
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"Same here. though I guess having someone to do the work with would make it easier. I think that is how my parents stayed together anyway."
I sigh and shake my head as I return to my normal form. "Guess the fun will have to wait.. Apollo probably just wanted to relay the message."
Ivan what do you want.

We need to talk in person about dad. I am at your favorite Thai restaurant and I would prefer you meet me there.

Okay I'll be there shortly.

"Guess I have to go talk to my brother Ivan. I presume you still want to go check on your ship then so I'll see you later?"

"Maintance is mostly women. Men deprived women. Leah is like dad and can change her form to suit what she wants. I am pretty sure you can figure out the rest in how she would torment them. She should be here shortly anyway..."

[John Jr]
I follow Victoria and Sylva to the theaters. "So Victoria was I able to answer most if not all your questions about me?"
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I shrug;
"Eh, I can do that at a later date. Let's see what's up."
I say, following Leah.

I roll my eyes;
I smile and fight back the urge to hug her.
"I can get us there quickly. Ever been blinked before?"

"That isn't the half of what she has done. She has mellowed out some but still tends to cause trouble."
I grin;
"You don't have to be so cautious... I don't bite... much. And no, I've never teleported via the void before."

I nod;
"That sounds almost exactly like Amanda... It seems like they have quite a bit in common."
I smile deviously as I grip her tightly in a hug.
"Hold on..."
In a moment we arrive right behind Stefan Ivan looking right at me.

"Making new friends Leah?"

I nod still smiling. "So what is it you want to know about dad. You were there for the briefing."
I blink and shake my head;
"You sneaky little..."

Stef turns around, giving Leah and I a bemused look;
"You finally going to settle down Amanda?"

There's a brief pause;
"Hopefully, yes."
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I look at Amanda innocently.
"Me sneaky? No way." I say holding the look then looking at her curiously.
"You mean it?"
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I nod and hug her back;
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I do girl."

Stef coughs;
"I believe Ivan asked you to drop by for a reason."
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I smile at Amanda then turn to Stefan and Ivan.
"Right yes.. What was it you wanted to know Ivan."

"The report said that dad was on the ship when mom died. Do you know what happened to him?"

"Ummmm.... Not that I know of...

Ivan stares at me intensely. "What?"
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