StarCraft® II

Epilogue RP Thread IV

"Jake I'd ask that you keep you axe in line." I psionically push Scylla and her hunter killers away from the group not causing them any harm at all just relocating them away from the group.
"Now is everyone ready?"
"Don't worry the Splitters will sate its hunger and rage. I'm ready to go."

I nod ready to go.

"Ready." We say together.
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Tris had propped herself against one of the walls. Looking around. "I'm ready."
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Also, what are you exactly? I'm gonna guess a hybrid like over half of KLR9.

I nod;
"Stefan Alexander. As for what I am, you're somewhat correct. I was a Lab Rat for the old Dominion. They grew me a zerg DNA enhanced body and transplanted my brain. I guess you could say that I'm the only 'successful' super-solider they ever created."
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"Now is everyone ready?"

I nod once more, hefting my gun;
"That I am. And unless there are any objections, I'll bring up the rear. A plasma flamethrower aught to discourage most pursuers and fry anyone stupid enough to get close."

Amanda simply nods, her helm hissing shut.
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"Ah... a relic. Surprised you aren't eating as much as you are though. High metabolism rate... if you have their muscle and bone density... you will need a lot of energy to operate or you will be eaten apart and that's a lie. Technically... they have the Spectres which are like super-ghosts let's say and then you have the Gestalt Project who successfully made one... Just remember, you aren't a bad !@# and no one cares if you are a super-soldier. Just pointing things out. They will care about you if you can do your job, and if you don't die. Remember... an ego kills very nicely."
I laugh;
"Miss, I haven't survived as long as I have by being cocky. Don't worry, I'll do my job."
Tris frowns at this man. "I didn't say you were cocky. You must truly believe though that you aren't as unstoppable as you may think. And... a big ego... no matter what it is, is usually the one thing that kills the person."
I watch amused at the hybrid with the axe, and though I do not like being pushed away I do not show it at all. "My guards could help you out on the mission, if you let me send them of course." I send to the group.
"Enough you two. Now this part is the wierd part." I pull out the device which was rather smallish. "Everone needs to either be touching the decive or someone that is. So if you would please ready yourselves." Ivan and Jr grab hold of the device and wait.
We have a rather full party right now. Anymore and odd things could happen. Unless you have another way of getting there.
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I step forward and rest a single armored finger on the device. Feeling a slight weight on my shoulder, I look to see Amanda's hand resting on it.
"If I have the coordinates of the place than an Overlord should be able to move them their, which could provide a diversion for you."
[John Jr]
Well that is where it gets complicated... The coordinates are on the other side of the sector... If you could muster more forces as a diverson, such as scourge, that would be appreciated. Just enough to cause nusiance not destroy.
"I will send Scourge and Mutalisks to cause havoc and an Overlord to carry a few troops into the ship you are infiltrating."
Tris sighed and put her hand down on the device. "You know... this plan could fail like an ugly streak. They might still have a chance to relocate themselves if we cause to much heat or if we are too slow."
I place my hand on Flint Sr's back.

We both touch John Jr.

I lay my hand on Ivan's back.
what the !@#$ is this
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what the !@#$ is this
Words. True story.
08/01/2013 01:47 PMPosted by MellonTiger
what the !@#$ is this
"Creativity beyond your comprehension."
IC: Daniel touches the device ready to jump to where ever they were going.
I'm having Apollo jump in.

IC: I grab Flint's arm. "We'll bring her home, I promise."
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