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Epilogue RP Thread IV

"Aim for the nostrils. Brings them down faster."
I shout just as one of the berserkers knocks me down then grabs me by my ankle.
"Don't touch me!" I growl at it as I draw a combat knife putting it right in it's nostrils.
The biggest one (Gorgarren) leaps forward knocking Amanda and Apollo over and back hands me into a wall. It turns to Stefan letting out a small roar before going invisible and moving from that spot to somewhere unknown.

I stand back up and get throw out into the hall through the door with the air forced from my lungs from the force of the throw. "Damn it I forgot how strong her psionics were...." I barely manage. I look down one of the halls hearing the sounds of weapons fire from the group. John find the group bring them here.

[John Jr]
I hesitate for a moment before being thrown into a wall myself the force holding me there slowly crushing me. I could see the Chrono Splitter off to the side cackling with amusement. I blink out of the area and back to the group collapsing on the ground near Victoria out of breath.
I shout as I do a 360º with the HMP3, firing a stream of plasma over everyone, the beam level with the hallway.
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I let out a shrike of pain as I flee down the hall I had came from. I could feel the burning of the plasma as I limped towards the lab where Grouth was. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer but I had bought him the time he needed...

I grab the others and pull them down as Stefan unleashes the torrent of plasma.
Hearing the berserker scream, I stop dead in my spin and face the hallway from which it originated. Switching the gun to explosive pulse mode, I rapid fire "plasma grenades" after the retreating Splitter, each plasma pulse exploding on contact.
The 'plasma grenades' contact and destroy myself.

[John Jr]
I manage to catch my breath enough for a moment.
"Leah... lab... up ahead... Splitter controlling..."
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At this, I curse;
"Sh!t, that's not good.. Where's Flint?"
[John Jr]
"In lab holding Leah off.... She seems to have been augmented as well... Quick process.. not like my father... I think either killing the Splitter or neutralizing Leah will stop her...." I pause still breathing hard as my ribs reset and my body continues to heal. "She was the strongest psionic of the three of us and I think the Splitter amplified it. She also seems to have control of her powers so avoid looking at her eyes. The bastard must have picked her mind apart as a last ditch effort to stop us from saving her."
I think hard for a moment;
"A change as fast as this must have been a quick and dirty job... A solid shock and a hard push in the right direction could very well break her free..."
Stopping dead in my tracks, I grin;
"Stef?... are you thinking what I'm thinking?..."

The man in questions groans a rolls his eyes;
"Amanda... If that goes sideways... I sincerely doubt you'll be making it out in once piece... Besides, knocking one of them out is a lot simpler..."
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I am sent flying past the group right between Stefan and Amanda hitting the wall with a sickening smack and the sound of breaking bones a few protruding from my body and blood starting to flow slowly.

I cringe when I saw my father hit the wall.
I duck behind cover and look down the hall seeing Leah levitating off the ground with a glowing aura of energy around her.
"Better decide fast you two. She is just down there and Stefan, when have you ever seen my father get tossed like that before?"
Swearing softly, I shake my head;
"No, I have not. Amanda, why don't you give that Prince Charming idea of yours a go... Just.. please make sure to time it right."

Retracting my helm, I nod, grinning like a loon as I let my emotions flow once again behind the cover of my adrenaline;
"Can do... Just one question Ivan, should I try and surprise her or go slow and careful?"
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"I think now is about the time when they should be thinking. 'Well damn, Kayla really would have been useful to force along because she could keep Leah from slamming everyone into walls.' Don't you?"

I almost arrive back to my quarters, and in the on non-effected part of my brain I knew I would be embarrassed by this state for the next sixty years.
OOC: Possible Fury but I doubt in the moment they are thinking that.

"Surprise would catch her off guard might break it sooner but I don't know what will work really. Just be careful..."

I press forward towards the group my head angled slightly and a twisted smile forming on my face.
"Hmmm more fun..."
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Taking a deep breath, I steady my trembling hands and step out into the hallway. Walking slowly towards Leah, I keep my eyes centered on her feet and let go of my rifle, the gun clattering to the ground behind me;

Focusing, I begin prepping for the worst as I concentrate on my psi shield, focusing it into the most unbreakable barrier that I could.
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I look down towards Amanda. The smile on my faces fades away and I straiten up.
Grouth appears behind me looking at the group in front.
"What are you doing? Attack!"
Mentally inside there was two parts conflicting and it could be seen in my eyes.
Grouth growls at me and press on the memories that he organized to break my will.
"Attack or they come back and you relive each of those moments again!"
I raise my hand, trembling, and send a bererkers corpse towards the group causing it to land right on Ivan.

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Walking forward slowly but purposefully , I carefully raise my eyes towards Leah's;
"Leah... we've come to get you out of here... All you have to do is fight against him, and I'll heal your mind... just like before.."

...Ouch, that's right, you're on the east coast. It's only 1:00 over here by the Pacific. Go to bed and get some sleep... of which I could use some myself.

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I growl and stand back up and with a cry of rage fry everything and everyone left in the lab before popping off behind the chrono Splitter angry and this time a whirlwind of glowing green and golden blades removing his head and shreading most of his body. I look up at Leah making sure to avoid her eyes. "Oh please don't throw me into the wall again ..."

I watch for more Splitters avoiding looking at Leah.

I frown and move to John Jr's side ignoring Leah for the most part. "You OK?" I ask concerned as Sylva covers us.
The two Scourge smash into the bridge causing terrible damage while ten other Scourge run themselves into the ships engines meaning the ship would not be going anywhere. Meanwhile the Mutalisks and Kukulzas flew around, doing the occasional strafing run but mostly keeping an eye out for escape pods and the Overlords latched onto the ship, the creatures inside cutting their way through the hull.
Tris appeared immediately onto Leah, grabbing her throat with both hands. Squeezing tighter and tighter. Squeezing the consciousness out of her. Finally succeeding as she passed out. "Surprise." She said as Leah fell limp onto the ground. "And don't worry... she's not dead."
OOC: Who is currently onboard the Splitter ship that Mecha aka FegelKitteh is attacking?
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