Bi-Weekly Update (9/13/2013)

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Keeping with the trend, here's another thread for everyone to chime in with their recent progress and thoughts.

I myself have very little to add, unfortunately. The biggest factor recently has been a lot of forearm pain that is clearly associated with computer use (and probably coding specifically), so I figured I should rest up in the evenings. I have been doing some reading, and it turns out that these sorts of problems can creep up over time, so I recommend that all of you take 10-15 minutes to read about computer ergonomics and such. Small adjustments might save you a lot of pain in the future.

Given that, I have a lot of work backlogged. Hopefully, I can get back into a schedule of sharing interesting stats I find on relevant matches (see and )

What have the rest of you been up to?

Last Update (8/27/2013):
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Well does streaming and playing sc2 count as being productive :p

But really here are the things that are pending to be released (hopefully in a day or two) for

  • Added Supply BLocks visually to the Active Army Chart . Example Image
  • Added Workers into the Active Army Chart, they show up as a unit now.
  • Added a new Tab to track Abilities used per replay, so you can get an idea of what went on in the game.
  • Improved Performance of S2Protocol, cut the processing time of --gameevents in about half. Will upload the code to git as soon as i figure out how to :p
  • Bug fixes to my parsing engine, hallucinations where being counted as units, ext.

Hopefully i can get everything deployed in the next day or so, just been playing too much starcraft 2 :p Guess thats a good problem to have.
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How are you storing the active army list for each player? I'm not there yet, but since I'm coming to this from an R background I was planning to use pandas and data frames. Did you use a generic structure, or roll your own?
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I'm storing it in mysql, a row every 10 seconds per player per replay, with a json object containing the units at the given point in the game. I'm building that json array from the output in s2protocol.

Seemed like a good idea at the time, now that i have over 20 million rows not so sure :p

The goal for storing the data this way was to make it easy for me to display the chart, what i didn't fully plan for was the shear amount of data i would end up storing. Its on my list to address the table before it gets out of hand.
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That's a good point. I'll ultimately need to be able to handle data at scale as well. There's actually a lot of overlap between what I want to do and what you're doing -- I want to track player army compositions throughout each game just like you're doing. Ultimately I want to use that data to examine the effect of army composition on which player loses more army value during engagements.

When you revise your approach, I'd love to hear what you look at and what you end up going with.
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Hit me up on gchat or email, its hard to bounce ideas off each other on a forum, we can post our findings after :p

gchat unitedwebdesigns@.... its gchat i figure you can figure it out :)
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Well, I'm a little late to the party this week.

SC2Reader is now at 0.6.3 with a couple reported bugs fixed and moderate (15%) performance improvement for parsing. Most notable fix was for the hallucinated unit flag which now works as expected. The ggtracker/wcs integration lead to increased sc2reader interest so questions from new users and fixes to the documentation also kept me busy.

I finally got my API keys so I'll be finishing up the sc2bnet library and integrating it into sc2reader very soon!
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