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What is StarCraft II?
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In StarCraft II, the decisions you make and your skill as a commander will determine the fate of the galaxy. Guide your cast of heroes towards their destiny and unravel the story of a sweeping sci-fi trilogy. Each campaign will throw new and unexpected challenges your way, and you will have to think fast if you want to master the tasks laid before you. The StarCraft II single-player campaigns and their branching mission structure grant you the freedom to shape the story according to your choices.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into space

In the distant future, the colonies founded by Earth’s exiles are struggling to rebuild following a devastating war with two hostile alien species. The previously unknown and deadly species known only as the zerg had entered terran space, destroying everything in its path, while the technologically advanced protoss were hell-bent on exterminating the zerg at all costs, willing to incinerate entire planets if necessary.

Years have passed, but the wounds of the Brood War are far from healed. The zerg and their cunning Queen of Blades have been quiet, but some fear this may be the calm before the storm. With both the protoss and the terrans licking their wounds and looking worriedly towards the darkness beyond the stars, an unknown threat emerges, unseen, that may once again plunge the galaxy into war.

Wings of Liberty Campaign Highlights

The single-player campaign offers a gameplay experience that is designed to be cinematic, dynamic, and engaging. There are many ways in which campaign gameplay differs from what you will experience in the game’s multiplayer mode:
War Machine

Over the course of the campaign, you will unlock access to powerful units that are exclusive to the single-player campaign. Their unique abilities will give you a fighting chance against Raynor’s innumerable enemies.

Mission Improbable

Each mission of the single-player campaign will present you with a new challenge unlike any you’ve encountered before: lava surges, gross misuse of Dominion mining equipment, complicated escape and rescue ops.... Expect the unexpected.

Friends in Low Places

You will encounter familiar faces along the way, but the campaign also features a sprawling cast of new, intriguing characters. More than just supporting cast, they all have unique personalities and interesting stories to tell.

Moments of Transition

Throughout the campaign, you will have to make decisions that affect the game’s story. Will you stand by your comrades in arms, even if you do not agree with their methods? How far will you go, and how much would you sacrifice to save the galaxy?

The Best of Both Worlds

As the story progresses, you will be able to purchase advanced upgrades incorporating both protoss technology and breakthroughs based on zerg mutations. These upgrades will make your units tougher and grant them new abilities.

It’s Full of Stars

The story of Wings of Liberty is told through in-game dialogue, cut scenes, and a series of gorgeous, pre-rendered cinematics that bring the StarCraft universe to life like never before.

Still Flying

During the campaign, your base of operations is the battlecruiser Hyperion. The ship has seen its fair share of battles, but she’s a tough one; treat her well, and she’ll take you to the ends of the galaxy… and beyond.

Where No One Has Gone Before

With the Hyperion at your command, the Koprulu sector is yours to explore. From the lush plains of Agria to the harsh, inhospitable landscapes of New Folsom, your quest will take you to a number of unique worlds and locations.

This and much, much more awaits you in the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty single-player campaign.