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The Leviathan, Kerrigan’s organic flying fortress, will take you from planet to planet as you bring vengeance to the far corners of the Koprulu Sector. Your enemies will see it looming in their atmosphere, and know imminent desolation.

But the most fascinating feature of the Leviathan isn’t its personalities or logistical prowess. Aboard Kerrigan’s flagship, the Swarm itself is your toolbox.


Temporary changes to units between missions

Before entering combat, a wise commander organizes and equips their troops to face any challenge they can predict. The gestalt consciousness of the zerg is no different. Like insects sensing rain, zerg feel the coming adversity in their bones…and they transform.

In the evolution pit, you’ll be able to change the focus of each of your unit types between missions to better prepare them for the tasks ahead. These changes aren’t permanent; you can make your zerglings hit harder to deal with armored foes; then, later, increase their survivability for a long siege. The swarm adapts. The swarm thrives.

Mutation Samples
Unit Model Mutations
Zergling Hardened Carapace Adrenal Overload Metabolic Boost
Baneling Corrosive Acid Rupture Regenerative Acid
Roach Hydriodic Bile Adaptive Plating Tunneling Claws
Hydralisk Frenzy Ancillary Carapace Grooved Spines


Permanent changes to entire zerg strains

Kerrigan was once merely human. Today, she is the vanguard of zerg adaptation, and her altered DNA promises new genetic futures for the hungry swarm. As you progress through the story of Heart of the Swarm, you’ll have the option to drop down to the surface of isolated planets on evolution missions – the hunt for rarefied genetic material to assimilate.

Playing evolution missions will give you an opportunity to devour the creatures that provide the swarm with its evolutionary punch, then experiment with your newborn zerg variants. You’ll be able to learn about the powers of each new strain, and send them on a mission to test out their capabilities and evaluate them for induction into your swarm.

Experimenting with these units is important, because each evolution mission will present you with a choice: in which direction will you evolve the swarm? Will you make zerglings birth more of their kind from a single egg, or grow wings to carry them over cliffs? You can only choose once for each unit…and your choice is permanent.

Evolution Samples

Raptor Strain
Swarmling Strain
Splitter Strain
Hunter Strain
Corpser Strain
Vile Strain