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As Kerrigan spends more time in control of the swarm, her powers grow. Aboard the Leviathan, you’ll be able to preview and select Kerrigan’s battlefield abilities. By completing missions, you’ll gain levels, which will unlock new abilities that Kerrigan can use to lead her zerg to victory.

Bonus Objectives

You can gain levels faster and unlock Kerrigan’s abilities earlier through the completion of bonus objectives, which you’ll be presented with at the beginning of each new mission. Bonus objectives can be simple or complex, and often add to the difficulty of 'standard' objectives, but they’re never required to complete a mission. When you’re ready to challenge yourself without changing the difficulty of a map, bonus objectives are an excellent way to take risks and gain extra power to boot.

Kerrigan's Powers

Kerrigan’s psionic abilities were off the charts even before she was mutated by the zerg Overmind. Today, her lingering zerg DNA and connection to the swarm leave her more powerful than even the most gifted terran Ghosts. Kerrigan can deliver precision special attacks from afar, empower the zerg she controls, and call out through the hive mind, summoning crawling, leaping and flying minions to her aid. Owing to her highly mutable genetic structure, Kerrigan’s abilities can be changed between missions, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them!

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Level 60
Spawn Leviathan
Level 50
Infest Broodlings
Level 35
Twin Drones
Malignant Creep
Level 20
Wild Mutation
Spawn Banelings
Level 10
Zergling Reconstitution
Improved Overlords
Level 5
Crushing Grip
Chain Reaction
Kinetic Blast
Heroic Fortitude