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A short story by

Cameron Dayton

Why did I have you come to meet me beneath the full moon, young one?

I do not know, Master. Is it because of the light? Saalok is bright tonight.

You approach the answer, Teredal. The full moon, it echoes the symbol of our order. The Zealous Round is a sign of purity, of focus, and of thought. We trace its form on our hearts when we take our vows.

I did not know that was because of the moon.

Even the smallest measure of an arc fulfills the greater circumference, and there is much you have to learn. But for now, all you must know is that Saalok is sacred to the zealot order. Since time before time, the guardians of Aiur have built their lives around the discipline the moon teaches.

Teaches? But... it is just a moon.

Young one, did you know that the moon of Aiur is a rarity amongst the stars?

Forgive me, Master. How is that possible? The protoss have been to many worlds and have seen so very many moons. Some that are larger, or brighter, or more—

Rarity does not always come from having more or less of a thing, Teredal. Sometimes rarity is found in completeness. In wholeness. Saalok is rare in her perfection. She is an almost mathematically perfect sphere, and that is something unheard of in all of the cosmos. It is no mistake that such a moon was placed in the skies above our world. It is no mistake that our people have looked to its purity for guidance and clarity throughout the darkest ages of history.

You say that it was placed. By whom?

There are some questions which have no answer, and some questions which will be answered in the fullness of time. But purity, light, and order are the fruits of intelligence, Teredal. Intelligence calms the bestial roar of chaos. Intelligence channels noise into harmony.

This is at the center of everything we hold sacred, and has been at the core of all your lessons—from the mental focus required to ignite your psi blade, to the crystalline thought you have woven into this consecrated armor.

Now, do you think that I called you here just to chat about the moon?

I... No, Master. I do not. I had hoped you wished to begin my initiation.

You approach the answer, Teredal. Come, stand before me. It is time for you to take the first vows of our order.

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