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A short story by

Valerie Watrous

"This is one of the recorded coordinates," Zoraya affirmed quietly.

"They must have chosen this region for its remoteness.... There are so few warp gates, and it is particularly far from any of them. Searching these asteroids individually would take lifetimes."

"The positioning has shifted in some areas, but the colossus should be easy enough to locate with the information from the preserver," Zoraya replied, referring to one of the rare, gifted Aiur protoss who were capable of carrying the memories of their people. Few preservers had survived the chaos of recent years, and their knowledge was more valuable than ever.

Unexpectedly, Telbrus's voice cut into Darsiris's thoughts. "The ship's scanners—are they up yet?"

Darsiris paused to examine the status updates. "Not in your location. The damage will take some time to repair. Is everything alright?"

"There is something on the ship...." Telbrus's thoughts shifted abruptly as a sudden movement drew his attention.

"Telbrus!" Darsiris cried, reaching out psionically to the high templar. Telbrus was too distracted to respond to him directly, but Darsiris felt the Aurigan's surge of might as he gathered his psionic energy and focused it on his enemy then, a jolt of grim satisfaction.

* * * * *

"It is dead," Telbrus said, twisting backward to catch a glimpse of Aldrion in the narrow tunnel, but there was only darkness.

"There are more of them on my side." Aldrion's thoughts streamed urgently to the entire crew. "We need to land the ship. Now!"

Zoraya accelerated into the asteroid field, swerving expertly to avoid numerous meteors and planetoids. The proximity beacon began to flash enthusiastically on the viewscreen as the ship's destination—a hollowed tooth of an asteroid—spun closer into view. With a swift corkscrew spin, Zoraya drove the vessel toward the center of the rock and stopped just above the surface. She was readying the landing gear when a sudden observation made her pause.

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