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A short story by

Hugh Todd

Sharas looked up. "And what of you, teacher? After all these years, you have wielded the Void energies. Did I cause you to break your vow?"

"I broke that vow willingly. And would do so again. It is time for change. I realize that we must forget the wounds of the past and forge ourselves anew. You have helped me let my own pain go."

Sharas stood and formally bowed. "Thank you, teacher. Thank you for my life and for your guidance."

Theromos climbed to his feet and returned the bow. "And I thank you for the lessons that you have taught me. Now, let us discuss where the power escaped your grasp, and how you could have prevented it."

* * *

When his door chimed, Feranon turned from his desk and answered, "Come in." He was surprised to find Theromos in his entryway.

The ancient protoss took a couple of steps into the room and bowed. "I have come to thank you, Feranon."

Feranon's face showed his amazement. "For what? Almost killing you and your student?"

"No. I want to thank you for your patience and your understanding. I have made things difficult for you. Though I am a teacher, I have learned much in the last few days. Once I have completed Sharas's training, I wish to stay on as the Void lens for the Purity of Form, if you will have me."

Feranon acknowledged Theromos's words with a formal nod. "You will be a welcome addition to the ship, not just as a lens but as a teacher. I am sure there is a lot you can teach us all."

"Your crew members are efficient, but they will have to work hard if they wish to become my students."

For the first time since the ancient Nerazim had come aboard, Feranon detected a hint of humor in his speech. Astonishing!

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