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The Brood War

Destruction of the Psi Disrupter

The UED’s control over the new Overmind and the broods on Char gave the Directorate a decisive advantage over Kerrigan, for a weapon known as the psi disrupter prevented the Queen of Blades from controlling the zerg broods that were not yet under the Overmind’s control. Fortunately for Kerrigan, however, she had foreseen this difficulty and had acted accordingly.

Kerrigan had contacted Jim Raynor from her fortress on the planet Tarsonis. Raynor cared for her before she joined the Swarm, and she knew that on some level he still had feelings for her, even though he distrusted her. Contacting him had therefore involved minimal risk to Kerrigan, and Raynor had made the perfect ambassador between her and the protoss on Shakuras, who had not forgotten Kerrigan’s past manipulations. Once Raynor and the protoss had been willing to listen, she had asked them to rescue Emperor Mengsk and the battle-scarred remnants of the Dominion fleet from the UED’s assault. Galvanized by the threat of an emergent Overmind in the hands of the UED, Raynor had temporarily put aside his hatred of Mengsk and agreed to Kerrigan’s plan.

Once Raynor had rescued Mengsk, Kerrigan assured the emperor that she had no intention of killing him, for she was no longer angry at his betrayal. Victory over the UED, she maintained, was more important than petty grudges.

Kerrigan explained that she wanted to use Mengsk’s psi emitters to reclaim control of additional zerg forces. She would then be able to tear down the psi disrupter, at which point she would finally stand a chance of beating the Directorate fleet. In return, she offered to help Mengsk reclaim the planet Korhal from the UED. Mengsk was free to refuse her offer, of course, but if he did, she would imprison him for the rest of his life.

Mengsk could see no other alternative, and he was enticed by the prospect of reclaiming Korhal, so he loaned Kerrigan the psi emitters. Kerrigan’s plan worked perfectly, and she destroyed the psi disrupter on Braxis.

Once Kerrigan had gained control over a greater number of zerg and built up sufficient resources, she and her reluctant allies launched an assault on Korhal. The UED forces occupying the planet were overwhelmed, and Mengsk was jubilant as he retook possession of the planet. Declaring himself the emperor of the Terran Dominion once again, he set up a base of operations in Augustgrad.

Broken Alliance

Kerrigan, having rebuilt her zerg forces and driven the UED from its primary seat of power in the Koprulu sector, decided that her allies had outlived their usefulness. Duran pointed out that if she struck now, her erstwhile allies would not be expecting an attack.

Without warning Kerrigan sent multitudes of her minions against the terran encampments. Mengsk denounced Kerrigan for her treachery. She responded that her actions were well-justified revenge, given the suffering she had undergone due to Mengsk’s betrayal on Tarsonis. As for Mengsk, she would permit him to live: she wanted him to watch her ascend to ultimate power and know that he had helped shape her into the deadly Queen of Blades.

Raynor fought courageously, but he knew a hopeless fight when he saw one. As he escaped from Korhal, he promised Kerrigan that she would pay for the lives she had taken: one day, Raynor swore, he would kill her.

Video Uncertain Future
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