Free Arcade, Extension Mods, and more


Patch 2.1 includes a bevvy of new content for StarCraft II. Among other things, this patch includes:

  • Free Arcade: The Arcade, custom games, and all three StarCraft II races are now completely free-to-play for all players.
  • Extension Mods: Extension Mods allow you to play your favorite StarCraft II mods on any melee map found in the Custom Games list.
  • Clans and Groups: Create events to schedule Clan or Group meet-ups and upload custom images to help differentiate your club on
  • Re-Mastered Soundtrack: We've re-mastered the classic StarCraft and Brood War soundtracks and made them available for play in StarCraft II.

To read up on all the changes, check out the full patch notes.

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