Master League & Channels


As the skill of the StarCraft II multiplayer community continues to grow, and elite players become further distinguished from the pack, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand-new ladder league entitled “Master League”. A step above Diamond, Master League is an illustrious rank that only top players on will achieve.

With the addition of public and private chat channels, just is now much more social. Players can more easily discuss all things StarCraft, organize custom games, and even make new friends.

Patch 1.2 also adds improvements to help out newer StarCraft II players. We’ve made it easier for players to find their favorite replays and organize them for future review. There is also an in-game help system which displays tech trees for all three races, along with detailed information on each unit.

We’ve also implemented many bug fixes with this patch, and in the balance department, we’ve made a variety of balance tweaks for both the Terran and Protoss races.

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