Grandmaster League


We’ve brought out the big guns for those players who found Master League wasn’t quite enough. This patch introduces Grandmaster League to the ladder, and only the top 200 players from each region will achieve this prestigious ranking each season. Additionally, players can further distinguish themselves within their own league with new icons denoting the top 8, 25, and 50 players in each division.

We’ve also made improvements on how players find and organize their favorite custom games. Games can now be bookmarked, allowing players to easily jump back into the action without having to search for the desired map each time.

Observing a game is now even more exciting and informative with the new overlays introduced with patch 1.3. Observers can compare many player stats in real-time, including APM, resources, army supply, and much more.

Balance wise, various tweaks were made to all three races.

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