StarCraft Arcade


Patch 1.5 brings the Arcade to StarCraft II. In order to accommodate this addition, we’ve overhauled the StarCraft II user interface to help players navigate menus with more fluidity.

With this patch, the Single Player and Multiplayer buttons on the home screen have been renamed to StarCraft II and Arcade, respectively. The StarCraft II button will offer access to the single player and multiplayer experiences, including campaign, matchmaking, melee maps, and more. The new Arcade button will act as a portal to a brand new custom games experience that features dramatic improvements in finding, rating and playing custom games.

In addition to the interface improvements, we’ve also revamped the StarCraft II launcher to allow game data to stream during play. This new streaming launcher should reduce download, install, and patching times so that players can get into the game more quickly.

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