Heart of the Swarm


Players who have purchased the Heart of the Swam expansion now have access to all of its content, including the continuation of the epic single-player campaign, new multiplayer units and maps, as well as the AI Communication system.

With the new XP Leveling System, every Heart of the Swarm match grants experience points, which players can use to level up to unlock new portraits, decals, unit skins, and dance animations.

What’s more, we’ve revamped the game’s physics engine and updated all unit death animations. Battles are now more epic than ever before as units can now fall off cliff edges, slide down ramps, or glide across ice after being killed.

Heart of the Swarm also includes all of the awesome new features recently added to StarCraft II in Patch 2.0.4, including the revamped user interface, clans and groups, new replay features, unranked play, global play, and much more!

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