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On Phaeton, long stretches of sand and rocky, narrow canyons swirling with dust provide ample hiding spaces for wildlife, and, indeed, significant numbers of zerg on Phaeton have occupied the dunes, assembling under the control of a broodmother.

The presence of a moderate-sized brood on such an isolated world suggests a unifying purpose of some sort, but, to date, nothing about their activity – or the arid planet in particular – seems to hint at the swarm’s original objective.

Should Phaeton’s zerg find themselves massed together by a truly superior zerg intelligence (and conditioned for spacefaring), these unaligned creatures might present a far greater danger to other planets in the Koprulu sector. At present, they are merely occasional threats to Phaeton’s already beleaguered native fauna.

Planet Data

    • Population: 1 secondary hive
    • Allegiance: Zerg brood
    • Diameter/Gravity: 12,500 km/ .98 standard
    • Axial Tilt/Climate: 15.3 degrees/Average 303 kelvin (30° c)