StarCraft® II

The original Hellion has proved its effectiveness in recent years and throughout numerous combat campaigns. No surprise then that the Dominion has opted to provide an upgrade to this versatile off road vehicle. Designs for the Hellbat make use of its predecessor’s base platform but add a complex, state of the art new feature set: robotics. The most striking advancement comes in “battle mode,” which reconfigures the buggy into a mechanized walker.

In battle mode, the Hellion’s napalm-spewing Infernal Flame Thrower transitions for immediate use, while a thick layer of heat shielding beneath the Hellion’s chassis expands and re-forms to protect both robot and driver. By combining the original vehicle’s speed, agility and firepower with the new battle mode’s strength, armor and durability, the Hellbat represents the future of tactical assault technology.

* Requires Heart of the Swarm expansion pack

Unit Statistics

3D Model

Basic information

Race: Terran
Life: 135
Armor: 0 (0)
Movement: Normal
Cargo Size: 4
Attributes: Light - Biological - Mechanical


Producer: Factory
Hotkey: None
Cost: 100 0
Supply: 2
Build time: 30




The Hellbat template was built upon a heavily modified version of the Hellion’s stock neosteel frame, which houses the complex set of servos, hydraulic systems, and robotic components that allow the mechanized walker to seamlessly transform into a vehicle and vice versa. After the Hellbat proved its worth on the battlefield, Dominion engineers quickly developed an upgrade kit to retrofit all previous generation Hellions with the required components.
After a friendly fire incident that killed 17 marines and sent 48 to the medbay with fourth-degree burns, the Hellbat’s antiquated targeting system—a relic even by the original Hellion’s standards—was replaced with a more sophisticated version. The new system provides better target acquisition, tracking functionality, and enhances the Hellbat operator’s situational awareness. However, no targeting system can make up for the fact that the weapon sprays napalm. Troops are advised to steer clear of the line of fire.
The Hellbat is equipped with a large variable burn engine powered by a variety of liquid or compressed fuels—essentially the big brother of the stock Hellion engine with much improved airflow. This upgraded engine provides enough newtons to compensate for the extra weight of the Hellbat’s bulky systems. Like the Hellion, it is also rumored to run on Scotty Bolger’s Old No. 8 Whiskey.
With the advent of the Hellbat, it became a necessity to replace the Hellion’s scant plating. Dominion engineers used an experimental paristeel / bonded carbide weave—lighter and better insulated—to protect operator and machine from the incredibly high temperatures of the Napalm Spray. Additional heat-shielding, made from an expanding and re-forming material, was installed under the Hellion’s chassis. It has proven very effective as a means of additional insulation, and it doubles as a solid riot shield.
The original incarnation of the Infernal Flamethrower was ineffective in close quarters, and installing a second weapon on an already taxed chassis proved unfeasible. To solve the issue, handy Hellbat operators added a home-made, manually activated system—useful only in walker mode as it reduces effective weapon range—to pump polystyrene foam into the barrel of the Infernal Flamethrower prior to firing. The foam alters the density of the plasma fuel, which increases the flame’s intensity when ignited—very deadly against unarmored or lightly armored targets. This foam system is now standard issue in all Dominion Hellbats.
0.34 0.73 0.44 0.44 0.52 0.54 0.75 0.69 0.47 0.24

General Strategy

  • Light, short-range splash damage unit, effective against large numbers of melee ground units.
  • Their health is high for their cost, so they can be used to soak up damage.
  • Strong in combination with high-firepower units such as Siege Tanks or Marines.
  • Use them in choke points for maximum efficiency vs. melee units.
  • Weak against armored ranged units.


Terran VS
  • Marauders are powerful against Hellbats due to their armor type and the slowing damage of Concussive Shells.
  • Marines can be effective against Hellbats if they hit and run in order to stay outside of the Hellbat’s short attack range.
Zerg VS
  • If Hellbats clump closely together, Banelings can work against them very well.
  • Roaches are also effective against Hellbats.
  • In the later stages of the game, Hydralisks with upgraded movement speed or Ultralisks can be viable counters as well.
Protoss VS
  • Stalkers or Immortals are effective against Hellbats.
  • Late-game, the splash damage from Colossi (or the Psi Storm ability) can also work well.

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