StarCraft® II

Ever since their return from deep space, the ancient Motherships have become an invaluable part of nearly every protoss fleet. But attempts to construct more of these formidable command vessels has proven costly and time consuming, especially amid battle. Faced with this problem, a few daring protoss began using the Mothership's core--a massive khaydarin crystal infused with psionic energy--as a weapon while the vessel's hull was under construction. This wildly successful tactic quickly spread throughout the protoss ranks. Now, many commanders are harnessing the core to thwart enemy attacks and teleport entire armies across the battlefield.

* Requires Heart of the Swarm expansion pack

Unit Statistics

3D Model

Basic information

Race: Protoss
Life: 130
Shield: 60
Energy: 200
Armor: 1 (1)
Movement: Slow
Attributes: Armored - Mechanical - Psionic


Producer: Nexus
Hotkey: None
Cost: 100 100
Supply: 2
Build time: 30




After drawing power from the Khaydarin Crystal Core, the Repulsor Cannon projects a concentrated blast of semi-solid psionic energy—too dense for aerial combat—that causes damage by delivering kinetic and thermal energy. Each shot pierces matter violently, leaving a misty cloud of psionic fire in its wake.
By channeling a torrent of raw psionic power into the Nexus’ Khaydarin Crystal, the Mothership Core can turn it into a deadly weapon. In this state, the supercharged matrix fires psionically imbued photon bolts that can tear through enemy scouts and light raiding parties, as well as deter larger attack groups until reinforcements can be warped in.
The Mothership Core can bend space-time to create a field where the present dilates and stretches endlessly. The unpredictable energy flux within this field bears down heavily on anything that crosses it. Enemy forces caught in the Time Warp are slowed to a crawl, allowing the Firstborn to dispatch them with ease.
Mothership Cores share a strong psionic link with the Khaydarin Crystals present in every Protoss Nexus, and can use the crystals’ location as a warp beacon. By releasing a large amount of energy, a Mothership Core can unravel the weave of space-time, teleporting groups of warriors to any Nexus point in the vicinity.
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General Strategy

  • Flying, defensive special abilities unit (limit 1 per army).
  • The Photon Overcharge ability is an excellent secondary defense. It can be used to attack both ground and air units.
  • When attacking with a Mothership Core in play, always think about the best moment to Mass Recall your troops out of combat.
  • The Time Warp ability, in combination with splash damage units such as Colossi or High Templars, can be extremely strong against smaller units like Marines or Hydralisks.


Terran VS
  • Harrassing an enemy base with Medivacs (or faking an attack to force the Mothership Core to burn energy on a Photon Overcharge) is an effective long-term counter against Mothership Cores.
  • Ghosts’ EMP ability is a hard counter to the Mothership Core, as the Core can’t do anything without energy.
Zerg VS
  • Because the Mothership Core allows protoss to play aggressively early on (thanks to the Recall ability), pay close attention to defending your bases rather than simply making Drones.
  • Be careful when going on the offensive against a Mothership Core, because Photon Overcharge in combination with Force Fields can be a deadly combo against shorter-ranged zerg units.
Protoss VS
  • When confronting a Mothership Core, try to prepare for a mid or late-game assault – early attacks won’t be maximally effective against it.
  • The Templar’s Feedback ability is the best counter to the Mothership Core.

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