StarCraft® II

The Swarm Host has no weapons of its own, but can represent an army unto itself. Generated by the Infestation Pit, it spawns parasitic symbiotes known as Locusts, which attack any nearby enemies with volleys of acidic saliva. This crawling monstrosity burrows into the ground in order to provide a seemingly endless supply of ferocious biological minions, and is often used in defensive maneuvers. This lack of mobility can leave the Swarm Host vulnerable to quicker enemies with area damage like the Hellion.

* Requires Heart of the Swarm expansion pack

Unit Statistics

3D Model

Basic information

Race: Zerg
Life: 160
Armor: 1 (4)
Movement: Normal
Cargo Size: 4
Attributes: Armored - Biological


Producer: Larva
Hotkey: A
Requires: Infestation Pit
Cost: 200 100
Supply: 3
Build time: 40



General Strategy

  • Medium-sized unit that has no basic attack, but spawns free, temporary units called Locusts when burrowed.
  • Locusts attack ground units only.
  • Spawning a group of Locusts, then instantly retreating with your Swarm Hosts is an excellent way to make sure the Hosts remain safe.
  • Combine Swarm Hosts with ranged units such as Roaches or Hydralisks in order to use the free Locusts as a shield while the other units deal damage.


Terran VS
  • Splash damage units such as Hellions or Siege Tanks are effective at taking out Locusts.
  • Because Locusts can’t attack air units, use Banshees along with a Raven or the Scanner Sweep ability to deal with Swarm Hosts.
  • Swarm Hosts spawn Locusts at set intervals. Once a wave of Locusts has been killed, use Marines’ Stimpack ability so that they can quickly move out and kill Swarm Hosts before the next wave.
Zerg VS
  • Mutalisks are effective at fighting large numbers of Swarm Hosts.
  • Because the zerg race doesn’t have many options for splash damage against Locusts, utilize the mobility of Zerglings or Roaches to surround them.
Protoss VS
  • Coupled with Observers, both Void Rays and Phoenixes with the Graviton Beam ability are strong counters to Swarm Hosts.
  • The Sentry’s Force Field ability can trap Locusts, allowing other Protoss units to take care of Swarm Hosts.
  • Dark Templars can be effective against Swarm Hosts.
  • Against large numbers of Swarm Hosts, build Colossi or High Templars for their splash damage.

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