StarCraft® II

Recent protoss efforts to engineer new war machines have resulted in the Tempest, an immense capital ship designed as an answer to zerg and terran long range weaponry. In battle, Tempest pilots overload the kinetic matrix that powers their vessel, resulting in a buildup of extremely volatile energies. These forces are then propelled through the ship's hull and fused into a contained sphere of highly charged particles that can be launched at distant targets. But this firepower doesn't come without risks. Tempest pilots, known for their fanaticism and bravery, must wear bulky dampening armor to protect their bodies from the destructive energies coursing through their ships.

* Requires Heart of the Swarm expansion pack

Unit Statistics

3D Model

Basic information

Race: Protoss
Life: 300
Shield: 150
Armor: 2 (2)
Movement: Slow
Attributes: Armored - Mechanical - Massive


Producer: Stargate
Hotkey: None
Cost: 300 200
Supply: 4
Build time: 60



General Strategy

  • Long-range capital ship.
  • When your opponent doesn’t have air units in play, make use of the high or zero ground areas so that nothing can reach you.
  • Spot the best targets for your Tempest using Observers or Oracles’ Revelation ability.
  • Once enemy air units enter play, Tempests are best used when protected by the whole army.
  • The late-game strength of Tempests lies in positioning the main army at a favorable position and ‘poking’ at the enemy army from long-range.


Terran VS
  • Always kill Observers. Use the Scan ability or Ravens to detect Observers and buy time.
  • Vikings or Thors are effective counters to Tempests.
  • Because Tempests shoot slowly, Ravens’ Point Defense Drone ability is an effective counter to them.
Zerg VS
  • Air units, particularly Corruptors with the Corruption ability are critical against Tempests.
  • In the late-game, using Vipers' Abduct ability in conjunction with fast-moving Hydralisks is very effective against Tempests.
Protoss VS
  • Void Rays’ Prismatic Alignment ability can work wonders against Tempests.
  • On maps with no good zero-ground areas for Tempests to use, Stalkers‘ Blink ability can effectively take them down.

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