StarCraft® II

Constructed around a modified version of the Spider Mine pioneered by Confederate rebel Victor Kachinsky, the Widow Mine represents the next step in Dominion automated weaponry. The quadrupedal device is controlled remotely, piloted into a contested area and then set to activate when enemy units draw near. Once triggered, the Widow Mine launches a missile designed to explode in a firestorm of shrapnel, eliminating its primary target as well as any unlucky foes that might be nearby.

* Requires Heart of the Swarm expansion pack

Unit Statistics

3D Model

Basic information

Race: Terran
Life: 90
Armor: 0 (0)
Movement: Fast
Cargo Size: 2
Attributes: Light - Mechanical


Producer: Factory
Hotkey: None
Cost: 75 25
Supply: 2
Build time: 40




If the Widow Mine sustains crippling damage to any of its systems, an advanced heuristics recovery algorithm quickly begins the process of determining what’s the best course of action to restore operative efficiency. After executing multiple simulated scenarios, the simple onboard AI reroutes power from affected systems and reprograms the unit’s behavioral patterns to either allow it to complete its mission, or return home for repairs.
Widow Mines have short range missiles that pack a fragmentation warhead—delivering superheated shrapnel to the target and the adjacent area on detonation. The missiles are assembled in an automated manufacturing plant located in the “thorax” of the unit. These robotic crawlers have been used in diverse scenarios: Perimeter defense, tactical ambushes, and political assassinations. An apocryphal record even attests to a single Widow Mine killing a corrupt colonial Magistrate and his entourage of like-minded officials by destroying the dining room they were in.
These arachnid machines were inspired by Zerg burrowers, and built around a modified version of the Spider Mine. Field tests revealed that the burrowing capabilities of the Widow Mine could be improved at a nominal cost. The addition of Neosteel Carbide tips, and sonic oscillators that allow each leg to vibrate independently at high speeds, significantly reduced burrow times. The enhanced claws have seen much use in “Mine Fighting”, a popular—and illegal—sport that pits two of these robots against each other for credits and glory.
After numerous friendly fire incidents, Widow Mines were outfitted with a powerful friend or foe identification system, which is loosely based on the operative algorithms present in all Crucio smart shells manufactured by LarsCorp. Initially, the system worked as intended, but it didn’t take long for casualty rates to rise once again.
0.62 0.6 0.44 0.47 0.13 0.8 0.44 0.64

General Strategy

  • Light robotic mine that enters a cloaked, immobile form in order to attack enemies.
  • Has an extremely slow reload rate.
  • Strong in combination with Siege Tanks.
  • Strong in narrow enemy attack paths.
  • Strong in combination with fast and mobile units like Marines and Marauders.


Terran VS
  • The Scanner Sweep ability, in combination with ranged units such as Marauders, is the most straightforward counter to Widow Mines.
  • When using Ravens to detect enemies, keep in mind that the Widow Mine can also attack air units.
Zerg VS
  • Sending Zerglings to take the initial brunt of Widow Mine attacks can help preserve precious ranged units.
  • When deploying Banelings, try to catch Widow Mines before they are activated in order to maximize the value of sacrificing your units.
  • Infestors’ Fungal Growth ability is an effective counter against the low-health Widow Mines.
  • In the late-game, use unit-producers like Swarm Hosts and Brood Lords to drain Widow Mines’ charges.
Protoss VS
  • Widow Mines can’t detect cloaked units, so using Observers in combination with Stalkers can be very effective.
  • In the late-game, mixing Colossi in an army that also contains Observers is the fastest method of taking out well-protected Widow Mines.

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