Cast of Characters


When the First Contact War ended, Aiur had been conquered by the zerg Swarm. The protoss stood on the brink of oblivion, at risk of seeing their civilization disappear entirely. It was Artanis, a young executor, who prevented a bloody civil war and guided both the Khalai and Nerazim factions through the chaos of the Brood War. Now, with the Golden Armada at his command, he intends to take back Aiur and prepare his people for the final battle against an ancient and indomitable enemy.

Ancient Protoss Arkship

Spear of Adun

In the early, glorious days of protoss civilization, the Conclave built magnificent arkships, self-sustaining vessels capable of supporting protoss culture through its most desperate times. Armed with legendary warriors and knowledge of aeons past, the Spear of Adun will be Hierarch Artanis's flagship in the fight against Amon.

New Multiplayer Units

Take the galactic conflict to another level with an expanded arsenal, commander. The data slates below will familiarize you with the new warriors and machines each race will field in their continued struggle for dominance of the Koprulu sector.




Adepts are protoss ranged specialists armed with a mighty Glaive Cannon that punches through light armor with ease and emits a deadly shockwave when it strikes a killing blow. These warriors are also versed in psionic transfer, which allows them to project an invulnerable image of themselves and teleport to its location after a brief period of time.

Health 60
Shields 60
Damage 10 (23 vs Light)
Range 4
Weapon Speed 1.61
Targets Ground
Armor 1
Movement Speed 1.79
Type Light-Biological



By supercharging its power core, the Disruptor can become invulnerable, turning its physical form into energy for a short period of time. This allows it to advance unhindered towards its enemies, releasing a destructive burst—the aptly-named purification nova—that deals massive damage, especially to enemy forces in tightly packed clusters.

Health 100
Shields 100
Armor 1
Movement Speed 1.61
Type Light-Mechanical



To keep personnel out of harm’s way, the terrans have designed the Cyclone, a mobile assault drone armed with twin Typhoon Missile Pods that engage air and ground threats. The Cyclone also boasts a sophisticated target lock-on system, which allows it to concentrate fire on an enemy while on the move.

Health 200
Damage 18
Range 5
Weapon Speed 0.71
Targets Air and Ground
Armor 1
Movement Speed 2.01
Type Armored-Mechanical



The Liberator is a medium-sized gunship, armed with twin missile launchers to strike at clusters of aerial threats. This vessel can also deploy an anti-ground cannon by transforming into a stationary artillery platform. Each shot from this powerful weapon punches holes through enemy forces, even those as heavily armored as the Thor.

Anti-Ground Mode Switch Mode
Anti-Air Mode Switch Mode
Health 180
Damage 85
Damage 7 (x2)
Range 5
Weapon Speed 1.6
Weapon Speed 1.8
Targets Ground
Targets Air
Armor 0
Movement Speed 3.38
Type Armored-Mechanical



As an evolution of the Roach, the Ravager has developed a bigger frame to store large quantities of fiery fluid in its back. This creature can rapidly discharge plasma at ground targets, or launch a gob of corrosive bile in a parabolic arc. The projectile is slow—best used against stationary targets—but can destroy protoss Force Fields.

Health 120
Damage 16
Range 6
Weapon Speed 0.57
Targets Ground
Armor 1
Movement Speed 1.79
Type Armored-Biological



The Lurker, an evolutionary offshoot of the Hydralisk strain, is a powerful anti-ground ambusher. It can strike at the enemies of the Swarm from beneath the soil with a deadly spine attack. Lurkers have no means to defend themselves above ground, but, when burrowed, just a handful of them can turn an innocuous chokepoint into a nightmare.

Health 200
Damage 30
Range 6
Weapon Speed 1.43
Targets Ground
Armor 1
Movement Speed 2.11
Type Armored-Biological

New Multiplayer Features

Battle and Glory

Automated Tournaments

Daily Competition

Come prove your might against participants from around the world in no-holds-barred tournaments that run once per day at specific times. Entries are open to players of all skill levels. Sign up, survive the elimination rounds, and face off against the best for ultimate dominance!

Archon Mode

Two Player Single Base Control

Two heads are better than one: you and an ally share control over a single base to battle against two enemies in multiplayer action. Learn basic tactics from a seasoned veteran or amplify the power of a burgeoning all-star. Embody the spirit of the Archon and merge together to become a greater, unified force.

Co-Op Missions

Objective Based Gameplay

Take command in a brand new game mode where you and a friend fight hosts of enemies in action-packed, objective-driven missions. Master the art of war with StarCraft legends such as Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, and Hierarch Artanis, and use their unique talents to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Level up to unlock additional units and new abilities—including exclusive team powers. For deployment information, click here.


Fight for Aiur

Prologue Campaign: Whispers of Oblivion
Join Zeratul on three missions to unravel the final piece of the Xel’naga prophecy in the Whispers of Oblivion mini-campaign.