Destroy 6 units with a single Seeker Missile in an Unranked or Ranked game.
Complete the Armory console upgrade achievements.
Cancel construction of a structure that is being destroyed by an opponent in a Melee game.
Complete round 9 in “StarCraft Master” in under 45 seconds.
15 Wins Streak: 2v2 Medium A.I.

Recently Earned

15 Wins Streak: 2v2 Very Easy A.I. 4/12/2015 Win 1000 1v1 Unranked or Ranked games as Terran. 4/6/2015 Win 25 1v1 Unranked or Ranked games as Terran. 4/6/2015 250 Wins: Medium 8/26/2014 Devoted Fan 7/26/2014 Score 2000 points in a game of Aiur Chef. 6/28/2014 Complete all mission objectives in “The Outlaws” mission. 6/28/2014 Kill every enemy unit in the “Liberation Day” mission on Hard difficulty. 6/9/2014 Purchase 10 infantry upgrades from the Armory console. 6/9/2014