Two-way Dominant
Rock The Cabinet Criteria 1
10 Wins: Solo Zerg
Reach level 15 with Rory Swann in Co-op Missions.
Finished a season in the Top 50 of a Team Bronze Division.

Recently Earned

Quick Match Silver 2/2/2016 Complete 50 missions on Casual difficulty in Co-op Missions. 2/2/2016 Complete all the Commander Zagara achievements. 12/17/2015 Complete all the Commander Missions Achievements. 11/28/2015 Terran Level 7Criteria 1 11/26/2015 Win a Diamond Tournament 11/26/2015 Earn 100,000 Bonus Objective XP on Normal difficulty. 11/26/2015 Unlock all the Epilogue mission achievements. 11/25/2015 Don’t lose any army units to terrain destruction abilities in the "Amon’s Fall” mission on Normal difficulty. 11/25/2015