[ExTinZ] Dthreew [ExTinZ] Extenzessss



Destroy 20 units with a single High Templar in a Melee game.
Destroy 5 units with a single Neural Parasited unit in an Unranked or Ranked game.
Absorb 1,000 damage with hallucinations in an Unranked or Ranked game.
Warp in 5 Zealots during the first 250 seconds of a single Melee game.
50 Wins: Solo Zerg

Recently Earned

Flying Solo 1/13/2016 Challenge Accepted 1/13/2016 Competitive Zen Master 1/12/2016 25 Wins: Harder 9/24/2015 10 Wins Streak: 3v3 Very Easy A.I. 9/24/2015 Complete the “Harvest of Screams” mission in less than 15 minutes on Normal difficulty. 8/13/2015 Reach Kerrigan Level 70 in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. 8/13/2015 Deal 5,000 damage with Psionic Shift. 8/13/2015 Don’t let a Protoss Shuttle begin Warping Out in the “Shoot the Messenger” mission. 8/13/2015