Destroy 5 units with a single Neural Parasited unit in an Unranked or Ranked game.
View 10 television news broadcasts.
Complete 6 challenge missions with a Bronze rating or higher.
Attack for 20 seconds with no counterattacks in an Unranked or Ranked game.
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Recently Earned

Complete the Zeratul storyline in the Wings of Liberty campaign. 4/10/2011 Complete the “Smash and Grab” mission on Hard difficulty in less than 15 minutes. 4/10/2011 Complete all mission objectives in “The Dig” mission. 4/10/2011 Locate all of Tosh’s Crew in "The Devil’s Playground” mission on Hard difficulty. 8/24/2010 Complete all the Colonist mission achievements. 8/20/2010 Cancel construction of a structure that is being destroyed by an opponent in a Melee game. 8/20/2010 Kill 50 supply worth of units within 15 seconds in a Melee game. 8/19/2010 Save 8 burning Terran structures in a single Melee game. 8/19/2010 Complete all the Unranked / Ranked Combat achievements. 8/16/2010