Challenge Accepted
Win 250 Team Unranked or Ranked games as Terran.
Win 500 Team Unranked or Ranked games as Random.
Win 10 Team Unranked or Ranked games as Zerg.
1v1 Top 8 Bronze

Recently Earned

Team Top 25 Diamond 8/27/2015 Race Versus A.I. 11/4/2014 Team Top 100 Bronze 5/5/2014 Don’t let 5 units die to the Gorgon Battlecruiser in the “Fire in the Sky” mission. 1/30/2014 Complete the “Conviction” mission in less than 10 minutes on Hard difficulty. 1/30/2014 Hatch all 6 Baneling Nests in the “Domination” mission before collecting 100 eggs. 1/17/2014 Destroy all Dominion structures in the “Planetfall” mission before the 5th Bile Launcher lands on Hard difficulty. 1/17/2014 Deal 5,000 damage with Chain Reaction. 1/17/2014 Complete the “Fire in the Sky” mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. 1/15/2014