[SRZ] Gatsu [SRZ] Scriz



Destroy 30 units with Infested Terrans in an Unranked or Ranked game.
Using Auto-Turrets, destroy 20 worker units in an Unranked or Ranked game.
10 Wins: Solo Zerg
Destroy 20 units with a single High Templar in a Melee game.
Score the rank of Silver in the “Tactical Command” challenge mission.

Recently Earned

Normal: 50 10/8/2013 100 Wins: Solo Random 10/3/2013 Purchase 8 base upgrades from the Armory console. 5/10/2013 Acquire an Ihan Crystal. 5/10/2013 Protoss Level 5 5/8/2013 Complete all the Mar Sara mission achievements. 3/25/2013 Complete 5 Protoss research console projects. 3/25/2013 Victory: Medium 3/19/2013 Victory: Easy 3/16/2013