Destroy 15 Infested structures at nighttime in the “Outbreak” mission on Hard difficulty.
Complete all the Rebellion mission achievements.
Find out why Tychus Findlay is always in a Marine suit.
Complete all mission objectives in “The Great Train Robbery” mission.
Complete all mission objectives in the “Outbreak” mission.

Recently Earned

Co-op Missions 12/20/2015 Dodge a Raven Seeker Missile in a Melee game. 11/15/2015 Rage against These Machines 11/9/2015 3 Wins: Solo Hot Streak 10/14/2015 Complete 10 missions on Normal difficulty in Co-op Missions. 10/10/2015 Do not lose any units before destroying the Void Catalyst during the “Evil Awoken” mission on Normal difficulty. 10/7/2015 Destroy 6 Terran units as they are warped in during the “Dark Whispers” mission on Normal difficulty. 10/7/2015 Complete all Bonus Objectives in each of the Whispers of Oblivion missions. 10/7/2015 Complete the “Ghosts in the Fog” mission in the Whispers of Oblivion Campaign. 10/7/2015