Kill all Protoss in the “A Sinister Turn” mission on Normal difficulty.
Complete any 10 rounds in “StarCraft Master".
Kill 150 Zerg units with the Artifact in the “All In” mission on Normal difficulty.
Score the rank of Silver in the “For the Swarm” challenge mission.
Complete all mission objectives in the “Smash and Grab” mission.

Recently Earned

Don’t let Zagara collect an Egg in the “Domination” mission on Normal difficulty. 9/25/2015 Score 2000 points in a game of Aiur Chef. 11/9/2013 Complete the “Fire in the Sky” mission in the Heart of the Swarm campaign. 9/7/2013 Complete the “Death From Above” mission before destroying the final power link on Hard difficulty. 9/7/2013 Destroy 4 Gorgon Battlecruisers within 120 seconds in the “Fire in the Sky” mission on Hard difficulty. 5/10/2013 Target and hit 100 friendly units with Wild Mutation. 5/10/2013 Kill 100 enemy units or structures with Spawn Banelings. 5/8/2013 Use Drop-Pods 3 times in a single mission. 5/8/2013 Reconstitute 500 Zerglings with Zergling Reconstitution. 5/7/2013