While playing as Zerg, warp in a Zealot in a Melee game.
Elite AI Romp: 50
Reach Terran Level 9
Register a copy of the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Collector’s Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition.
3v3 Versus A.I. Coverage: Elite

Recently Earned

250 Wins: Terran Command 1/1/2015 250 Wins: Protoss Command 12/19/2014 750 Wins: Solo Zerg 12/30/2013 Destroy all Dominion structures in the “Planetfall” mission before the 5th Bile Launcher lands on Hard difficulty. 11/30/2013 100 Wins: Solo Random 8/15/2013 250 Wins: Elite 6/2/2013 Gosu Comp Stomp: Elite 6/2/2013 250 Wins: Random Command 5/26/2013 15 Wins Streak: 2v2 Elite A.I. 5/18/2013