Showcased achievements can be enabled through the StarCraft II game client.

Recently Earned

Complete 5 Protoss research console projects. 3/12/2013 Complete all the Rebellion mission achievements. 2/10/2012 Complete all mission objectives in the “Smash and Grab” mission. 2/10/2012 IGR 60 Wins 2/10/2012 Finished a season in the Top 50 of a Team Platinum Division. 2/10/2012 Challenge Completed 8/31/2010 Destroy 4 Command Centers, Hatcheries, or Nexuses in an Unranked or Ranked game. 8/31/2010 Destroy a total of 100 enemy units in Free-for-All Quick Match games. 8/28/2010 Complete all the Final mission achievements. 8/27/2010