[heal] Aulisemia [heal] Tree of Life



Complete 75 missions on Normal difficulty in Co-op Missions.
Rock The Cabinet 2014
100 Wins: Solo Protoss
Collect all 5 Xel’Naga Artifacts.
Kill 15 enemy units with a single Nuke in an Unranked or Ranked game.

Recently Earned

Destroy the Loki in the “Engine of Destruction” mission on Normal difficulty. 10/4/2015 Complete 10 missions in the Wings of Liberty campaign on Hard difficulty. 10/3/2015 Kill 25 total units with Vulture Spider Mines in the “Cutthroat” mission on Normal difficulty. 10/3/2015 Complete the “Whispers of Doom” mission on Normal difficulty with 3 or more Stalkers. 10/3/2015 Locate all the Moebius survivors in “The Moebius Factor” mission on Normal difficulty. 9/27/2015 Kill 20 enemy units with the Laser Drill in “The Dig” mission on Normal difficulty. 9/26/2015 Complete the "Haven’s Fall” mission with 3 settlements protected on Normal difficulty. 9/26/2015 Complete all mission objectives in the "Haven’s Fall” mission. 9/26/2015 Save 2 Colonist Outposts in the “Safe Haven” mission on Hard difficulty. 9/26/2015